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Speakers About Science

Aaron Adair
  • Teacher of physics and physics education
  • Researcher in education, history, and science & religion
  • Published and have given talks on Christianity, science (esp. physics), and aliens/ETs (ancient and modern)
  • Author of The Star of Bethlehem: A Skeptical View
Dan Barker
  • Located in Madison, WI
  • Former evangelical minister
  • Co-president of Freedom From Religion Foundation
  • Author of Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist
  • Author of Godless: How An Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists (with a foreword by Richard Dawkins)
  • Author of The Good Atheist: Living a Purpose-Filled Life Without God
  • Author of GOD: The Most Unpleasant Character in All Fiction
  • Dynamic Speaker and Debater (and singer!)
  • Frequent media appearances including the Phil Donahue show, Maury Povich, Hannity & Colmes, and Oprah Winfrey
  • Co-host of Freethought Radio
Daniel Batcheldor
  • UK born.
  • Lives in Florida near the Kennedy Space Center.
  • Received a PhD Astrophysics.
  • Is the Head of Physics & Space Sciences at Florida Tech.
  • Has 10+ years teaching experience at the university level.
  • Is a frequent user of Space Telescopes.
  • Author, "Astronomy Saves the World: Securing our Future Through Exploration and Education". November, 2016
Rob Boston
  • Located in Washington, D.C.
  • Assistant director of communications for Americans United for Separation of Church and State
  • Assistant editor of AU's monthly magazine Church & State
  • Leading writer and researcher on church-state topics
  • Serves as spokesman for AU and has appeared on NBC's Nightly News, CNN's Headline News, Fox News, and other programs.
Ed Brayton
  • Located near Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Part of the Patheos blog network and is the voice behind the popular blog Dispatches from the Culture Wars
  • President and co-founder of Michigan Citizens for Science.
  • Recipient of the Friend of Darwin award from the National Center for Science Education.
  • Former stand-up comedian.
Jon Camp
  • National Grassroots Director for The Humane League
  • Former Executive Vice President for Vegan Outreach
  • Spent 10 years on the road, reaching over a million college students with the plight of farmed animals
  • In 2014, was inducted into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame
  • Featured in a number of books and documentaries about animal advocacy
  • Twitter: @jonrcamp
David Chumney
  • Writer and Public Speaker
  • Author of Jesus Eclipsed: How Searching the Scriptures Got in the Way of Recounting the Facts
  • Former PCUSA Minister
  • Member of the Clergy Project
  • Frequent Speaker for Local Humanist and Atheist Groups
  • Supporter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation
  • Located in Tuscaloosa, AL
Tom Clark
  • Located in Boston, MA
  • Founder, Center for Naturalism.
  • Developer of Naturalism.Org, a leading Web resource on worldview naturalism, its implications and applications.
  • Author, Encountering Naturalism: A Worldview and Its Uses and many publications and presentations on naturalism, free will, science, addiction, and criminal and social justice.
  • Host and moderator, Philosophy CafĂ© at Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, MA.
Mark Edward
  • Located in San Pedro, CA
  • Steering Committee Member of IIG West (Independent Investigation Group) - an affiliate branch of CFI (Center for Inquiry, Skeptical Inquirer Magazine)
  • Editorial Board of Skeptic magazine since inception
  • Performing Magic Castle performer since 1975
  • Author of Feral House Publishing: "Psychic Blues" reviewed in New York Times, Daily Mail UK and availble at amazon.com
  • Recently on the Halloween episode of "The Jeff Probst Show" and "Inside Edition" showing how psychics defraud the public.
  • Find his website at www.themarkedward.com.

Matthew Facciani
  • Located in Columbia, SC
  • Sociology PhD student
  • Studies why people reject science"
  • Also studies the sociology of religion and gender
  • Writes for Patheos at According To Matthew
  • Twitter: @matthewfacciani
Scott Forschler
  • Located in St. Cloud, MN
  • PhD in Philosophy (U of MN, 2004), emphasis in ethical theory
  • former member of Campus Atheists and Secular Humanists (U of MN), Minnesota Atheists
  • previously taught philosophy at several Minnesota community colleges and the University of Minnesota
  • author of several peer-reviewed articles and conference presentations on ethics
  • author of the upcoming book The Logic of Morality, to be published by Rowman & Littlefield
  • currently a philosophy instructor at St. Cloud Technical and Community College
Abby Hafer
  • Located in Bedford, MA
  • D.Phil. in zoology from Oxford University
  • Teaches human anatomy and physiology
  • Senior lecturer in biology at Curry College in Milton, MA
  • Interviewed on National Public Radio/Public Radio International. 
  • Also interviewed on WBAI radio in New York.
  • Has presented at numerous colleges and humanist societies
  • Three presentations: UnIntelligent Design: Why Evolution Explains the Human Body and 'Intelligent Design' Does Not, Animals That Shouldn't Exist, According to Intelligent Design, Biology and Intelligent Design--They Really Speak Different Languages (and I can prove it)
  • Received the "Ben Hidalgo Award for Community Engagement" from Curry College in 2016
Adam Lee
  • Located in New York, NY
  • Author of the blog Daylight Atheism
  • Cited in Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion
  • Won first prize in a science-writing contest judged by Steven Pinker
  • Was singled out in campaign attack ads in 2008 run by a Republican senator
  • Lifetime member of the Freedom from Religion Foundation
Miri Mogilevsky
  • Lives in Columbus, OH
  • Licensed social worker in Ohio
  • Studied psychology at Northwestern University
  • Received degree from Columbia in social work
  • Practicing therapist
  • Blogs about social justice, psychology, and basically everything at the-orbit.net/brutereason.
  • Enjoys Russian literature and Cheezits
  • Check out her public speaking page here
  • Twitter: @sondosia
Aron Ra
  • Located in Dallas, TX
  • President of American Atheists
  • Author of Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism
  • Host of the Ra-Men podcast
  • Author of Reason Advocates on Patheos
  • Over 140,000 subscribers on YouTube
  • Founder of the Philogeny Explorer Project
  • Producer of the Living Science series of classroom supplement biology videos
  • Former Texas State Director of American Atheists
Benjamin Zalisko
  • Biochemist at the University of Chicago
  • Founder of SSA chapters at Elmhurst College and the University of Chicago.
  • Former Executive Producer of Sunday Assembly Chicago
  • Secular SafeZone Facilitator
  • Blogs at reasonbound.wordpress.com
Frank R. Zindler
  • Located in Columbus, OH
  • Editor of American Atheist Press
  • Linguist
  • Spent twenty years as a teacher and professor of biology, psychobiology, and geology
  • Outstanding debater and public speaker
William Zingrone
  • Located in Northern Illinois
  • Blogger at "Dispatches from the New Enlightenment"
  • Faculty Adviser and Founder of 3 SSA affiliates
  • Provocative, Satirical, Humorous Speaker
  • PhD in Developmental Psychology
  • Cognitive Evolution Researcher
  • Lecturer in Developmental Psychology with passionate research interests in Consciousness and Cognitive Evolution and the History of Science.
  • Author of the Arrogance of Religious Thought
  • College Instructor
  • Secular Activist
  • Website: wearedone.org
  • Twitter: @unbelievingscum
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