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Speakers Bureau Funding


Please read this page completely before applying for Speaker Funding.

We always recommend working with a campus organizer when planning a speaker event. Members of our Speakers Bureau have agreed to special rates when speaking to SSA groups (when planned through SSA). SSA campus organizers are here to do much of the initial planning and contact for you. If you are looking for speaker ideas, check out our Speakers Bureau.

Other fundraising resources
  • Generally, Speakers Bureau funding is offered on a reimbursement basis. This allows your group to be fully reimbursed for any unpredictable costs incurred.
  • We know post-event reimbursement can sometimes make it difficult to hold speaker events. This is why we also offer advance funding, though this method is not as flexible as normal reimbursement. Let us know if you would like any help on your funding application choice.
  • Receipts are required upon submission of the reimbursement request after your event.
  • Please remember that you MUST be preapproved at least 30 days before your event to qualify for speaker funding.
  • We will not reimburse groups for honorarium costs. We do tend to approve funding requests for virtually any other type of cost, such as travel, lodging, and associated event costs.

Click here to submit your Speakers Bureau funding request. If you have any questions, please email us and we'd be glad to help you out.

If you would like to apply for large event funding (generally with several speakers involved), please click here instead.

  1. If we approve your request, your will receive an email confirmation from us, with a .pdf that must be signed and digitally returned to us in order to fully approve your funding request.
  2. If you applied for reimbursement, you will find a this direct link to our reimbursement form in the email approval, which is how you will request your check after the event. You may access it with the password included in your confirmation email.
  3. All events that receive speaker funding from us are required to submit a follow-up report afterwards, no matter what. This must be submitted no later than 30 days after the event and not submitting the report may disqualify your group for future financial assistance.
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