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Brian Dunning

  • Located in Laguna Niguel, CABrian Dunning
  • Host & producer, Skeptoid podcast at http://skeptoid.com
  • Executive producer, The Skeptologists, new TV show
  • Author, Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena on Amazon.com
  • Expert on numerous science vs. pseudoscience topics and secular issues

We live in a modern Dark Age. Faith in pseudoscience is rampant, and belief in the supernatural permeates society at every level. Critical thinking is the key to understanding what is truly useful, and what merely distracts from progress and development.

Brian Dunning created the top-rated science podcast Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena to take the underdog side of science and rationality amid the overwhelming majority of noise in the media promoting pseudoscience, alternative anything, and unconditional acceptance of the paranormal.

Brian is flexible about travel and honorariums.

Speaking topics include:

-Miracle or Science? An insider's look at four religious miracles that are far more interesting when we discover what actually took place.

-SOUNDS FROM BEYOND! An hour packed with weird recordings and sounds from all areas of the paranormal - it's the most fun you've ever had learning critical thinking! Ghost sounds, backwards recordings, radio broadcasts from outer space! Hear the weirdness, and learn the fascinating truth behind each one. Sorry, not available as a remote presentation - available in person only and a full A/V setup is required.

-The Virgin of Guadalupe: A Positive Take. The Virgin of Guadalupe is the most sacred object in Mexico, a supposedly miraculous image imprinted on a cactus fiber cloak. Some call it the New World's version of the Shroud of Turin. Most react in one of two ways: To acknowledge it as a true miracle, or to dismiss it as just another religious hoax. But are either of these reactions appropriate? Is either constructive? As it turns out, a truly skeptical investigation uncovers fascinating information that can unite and illuminate both believers and skeptics with the real value of true history.

-Solving The Missing Cosmonauts: One of the most popular Skeptoid episodes, Search for the Missing Cosmonauts, only went so far: it showed that a series of recordings made during the Cold War did not, in fact, prove that Soviet cosmonauts died in secret flights that never made it into the history books. In this talk, we'll dig deeper, and maybe find out what those recordings really were... Sorry, not available as a remote presentation - available in person only and a full A/V setup is required.

-Health Scams Are Your Friend: How You Can Use Them to Promote Skepticism. Health scams are your friend. At least, they can be, if you're trying to spread the message of critical thinking to those who need it most. Medical quackery is being sold everywhere you look, and there are really only a few messages used to sell it. These core principles, when delineated in clear terms, are obviously wrong; and by instructing those you care about to recognize them, you can do far more good than you could with a message of conventional, negative skepticism.

-Here Be Dragons: An introductory talk describing numerous phenomena (paranormal, pseudoscientific, urban myths) and presenting of understanding of why they are fallacious and why it's so important that they be debunked. Great for youth groups, colleges, and critical thinking newbies.

-Many more topics are available at http://skeptoid.com/episode_guide.php

-General information on speaking at http://skeptoid.com/speaking.php

If you're interested in having this speaker come to your school and give a presentation, click here to fill out our online Speaker Request form.
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