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Shelley Segal

  • Located in Hollywood, CA
  • Singer Song Writer - plays vocals and guitar
  • Released an album called 'An Atheist Album'
  • Speaks about de-conversion from Judaism to becoming an atheist activist
  • Sings about important topics such as atheism, equality, women rights, critical thinking
  • Find more information on her Youtube channel.

“A master of creating ‘experiential art”
– Chris Hofstader (Skepchick)

“Thoughtful lyrics celebrating life, love and reason”
– Julia Burke (Buffalo Spree)

“A curious form of protest music”
- Augustus Welby (Beat Magazine)

Through her “mercurial voice and eclectic sound” (The Brag) genre defying singer-songwriter Shelley Segal creates a space for her listeners. A space for people to engage with ideas, to question and to reflect on the everyday - to see its layers, its depth, its meaning.

Desirous of all expressions, Shelley flirts with elements of jazz, folk, pop, blues, reggae and electronica, imparting a pure joy about music and its power. The spirited singer has been “creating a ripple effect with her melodic vocals, heartfelt passion and thought- provoking lyrics” (Leona Devaz, Weekend Notes)

Shelley’s first single, upbeat folk protest song ‘Saved’ has become an anthem for grass-roots secular activists.

Collaborating with Adam Levy - guitarist for Norah Jones & Tracy Chapman - Shelley co-wrote and recorded
‘Little March’

Shelley co-wrote and featured on ‘Chemistry’ - an award winning Drum & Bass track with Carl Cox.

The reggae-inspired ‘Morocco’ from ‘An Easy Escape’ made a splash with coverage in the Australian National Press and the Moroccan World News.

“Truly an artist with international flair” (AU review) her powerful voice has taken her around Australia, Hong Kong, China, England and eight tours of the United States. She has performed to festival crowds of over 30,000 people.

An artist, an activist and an explicit storyteller, Shelley uses her music not only to express the way she sees the world, but to create the world that she wants to see.

Shelley would love to discuss:

  • Music
  • Deconversion
  • Discussing Atheism in the Media
  • Activism through art and culture
  • Coming from Judaism to Atheism

Her songs include:

  • morality
  • women rights
  • religion
  • atheism
  • free-thinking
  • gratitude without god
  • an afterlife
  • dogma
If you're interested in having this speaker come to your school and give a presentation, click here to fill out our online Speaker Request form. Shelley does ask for an honorarium, but is very happy to work with you on whatever is possible for your group.
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