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Lyz Liddell

  • Located in Columbus, OHLyz speaking at TAM 2012
  • Director of Campus Organizing at the Secular Student Alliance
  • Proponent of nontheistic involvement in interfaith programs
  • Advisor for Foundation Beyond Belief "Challenge the Gap" program
  • Twitter: @lyzmaytweet

As a campus organizer with extensive experience in organizing and supporting student groups, Lyz is an enthusiastic supporter of the student freethought movement. Serving as the director of the SSA's campus organizing programs makes her an excellent resource on how your group can make the most of its affiliation with the Secular Student Alliance.

Lyz is a strong proponent of establishing relationships between student and off-campus groups. She also provides practical reasons for secular students to participate in interfaith programs. Lyz is also well-versed in many areas of group running and can provide hands-on training on topics like leadership transitions, delegation, expanding your group, fundraising, planning events and more.

Lyz is also available to speak to groups via Skype or webinar. Bonus: this means it's a very inexpensive event to set up!

Lyz would be happy to speak to your group about:

  • Openly Secular 
  • Local Collaboration: Building Ties with Your Community
  • "And Nonbelievers" - Why Nontheists Should Participate in Interfaith

She can also give training sessions on topics including (but not limited to):

  • Leadership Transitions
  • Delegation
  • Getting People to Meetings
  • Making the Most of Your SSA Affiliation
  • Secular Safe Zone

If you're interested in having this speaker give a presentation for your group, click here to fill out our online Speaker Request form.

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