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Rev. Jonathon Weyer

  • Located in Columbus, OH.
  • Ordained minister in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and campus minister in Ohio.
  • Works closely with atheists groups to promote a civil dialogue.
  • Led groundbreaking projects at Ohio State with SSA group there.
  • Novelist and Writer, with an upcoming novel to be published in March 2013
  • Founder of The Thomas Society, a group dedicated to free discussion among atheists, agnostics, and Christians.

    Jonathan Weyer is a novelist and writer who lives in Columbus, Ohio. He has just recently published his first novel, The Faithful earning rave reviews in the Midwest Review of Books, Time Magazine Amazon Forum, and the Library Journal.  Jonathan who blogs at The Huffington Post, and is a staff writer  Intrepid Magazine. His work has also appeared in TAPS Paranormal Magazine discussing the Horror genre and the need for critical thought.

    After a move to Columbus, Ohio, Jonathan began a campus discussion group, The Thomas Society, at The Ohio State University. This group focused on dialogue between Christians and atheists. Such discussions prompted the university to award The Thomas Society and the Secular Student Alliance affiliate with a Multicultural Award. Because of this work, the national Secular Student Alliance asked him to be on their speaker’s bureau, the only Christian minister to hold this distinction.

For examples of his talks, check out these links:


Jon would love to talk on the following subjects:

  • Does Evolution Really Support Naturalism? Probably not.
  • What Christians Really Believe: Cutting through all the crap.
  • Galileo and the Church: It's Complicated. (A Short History of the Science and Faith Debate. More or Less)
  • Peer Review History: Why Jesus Mythers are the Creationists of Atheism.
  • Dialogue, not Debate: How atheists and Christians at Ohio State Learned to work together (and actually like each other!)
  • We Agree? What Christians and Atheists have (and can seek) common ground.

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