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Ian Cromwell

  • Located in Vancouver, Canada
  • Anti-racist, skeptic atheist, feminist, humanist
  • Author of The Crommunist Manifesto
  • Health economist, health services researcher

Ian Cromwell is an atheist and skeptic with a particular interest in anti-racism and feminism as aspects of skeptical thought. A long-time observer of racism from a "polite" Canadian perspective, Ian has cultivated an intimate and critical appreciation for not only how to identify racism, but how to explain it in a non-judgemental and accessible way. Ian's experience in anti-racist thinking and analysis led him to understand the parallels between racism, sexism, and religious belief, and to identify the common psychological and sociological roots that link them all. Ian writes at The Crommunist Manifesto

Check out his work at the following links

Ian will happily speak on the following subjects:

  • Race, racism, and intro anti-racist thinking
  • Anti-racism as an aspect of skeptical thought
  • Intersection between racism, sexism, conservatism, and religious thinking
  • Building diversity within the secular movement

Ian does not ask for an honorarium, however if you have money your budget for one, he will happily work with you to donate it to a worthy cause.

If you're interested in having this speaker come to your school and give a presentation, click here to fill out our online Speaker Request form.

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