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Ian Bushfield

  • Located in Vancouver, BC
  • MSc in Physics from Simon Fraser University (2011) and BSc in Engineering Physics from University of Alberta (2009)
  • Executive Director, BC Humanist Association
  • Founder and president (2007-2009) of the University of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics
  • Ambassador for Dying With Dignity Canada
  • Blogger for CanadianAtheist.com and TerahertzAtheist.ca

Ian Bushfield is president of the British Columbia Humanist Association and lives in Vancouver, Canada. He holds a masters degree in physics. He grew up in southern Alberta - the buckle of Canada's Bible Belt - and founded a successful atheist student group at the University of Alberta. While at the UofA he fought to reduce God's role in the convocation ceremony. Ian has also represented Humanism at several interfaith events. After a long day of fighting the religious right, he enjoys skiing and going to the pub.

Check out his video "14 billion years in 90 seconds".

Ian would enjoy speaking on:

-Humanism, community, and interfaith
-What is Humanism?
-Dying with Dignity: The debate over assisted suicide and euthanasia
-14 Billion Years in 90 Seconds: How to present the evidence for the Big Bang in an elevator speech

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