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Freedom From Religion Foundation Speakers


Freedom From Religion Foundation has placed these speakers on the Bureau for your benefit. They are not representative of FFRF's entire staff, only some of them. If you're interested in having one of the speakers below come to your school and give a presentation, click here to fill out our online Speaker Request form.

Co President of FFRF, former evangelical preacher, and author.

Dan speaks and debates on a variety of topics, including Church/State,
Biblical issues, the life of Jesus, and more.

Dan Barker

Co President of FFRF. executive editor of Freethought Today, and author.

Annie Laurie can speak on FFRF litigation, female freethinkers, and more.

Annie Laurie Gaylor

Practices Law at FFRF and is a writer and speaker.

Andrew will speak and debate on topics including the myth of the
Christian founders, how to find a job in the movement, and anything
else relating to his field of expertise.

Andrew Seidel

Senior Staff Attorney for Freedom From Religion Foundation

Rebecca can speak on Constitutional Issues and State/Church Separation.

Rebecca Markert

Patrick Elliot

Attorney for the Freedom From Religion Foundation

Patrick can speak on state/church separation issues, education issues, activism, and more.

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