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Ethan Clow

  • Located in Vancouver, BC
  • Host of the skeptical podcast Radio Freethinker
  • Activist with CFI Canada
  • Contributor the Pan-Canadian Skeptical Blog 'Skeptic North'
  • Degree in History from UBC
  • Follow him on Twitter at @citrrft

Ethan Clow, born and raised in the Vancouver area, is best known in the skeptical community as the host of Radio Freethinker, a skeptical podcast and radio show on CiTR in Vancouver. And as the former Executive Director of the Centre for Inquiry Vancouver. Ethan graduated with a B.A. in History from UBC in the fall of 2009 and has an active role with skeptical movements in Vancouver and British Columbia. He was an executive member of the UBC Freethinkers, a campus club that promotes skepticism and critical thinking, His articles have appeared in such publications as The National Post and currently, he is an adviser and Associate Member with CFI Canada, a contributor to Skeptic North, the pan-Canadian skeptical blog. And has appeared as a spokesperson for several skeptical campaigns in local Vancouver media and was also featured in the consumer protection television program CBC Marketplace, which focused on homeopathy.

Ethan would love to present on:
-Failing History (a talk about pseudohistory like Holocaust denial, poor teaching standards, and the inherent racism, bigotry and 'glossing over' of inconvenient facts in history education.
-Making a Skeptical Podcast (a talk about my experiences making Radio Freethinker, doing interviews, creating content and dealing with bad interviews.)
-Diversity through Diversity of Topic in the Skeptical Movement (a talk about creating diversity by expanding the range of topics in the skeptical movement to include more than science and humanism but also history, sociology, social justice etc.)
-Skeptivism: Skeptical Activism ( a talk on some of the recent skeptical activism we organized and how and why its a bit different from other forms of activism. Includes flyering at a Deepak Chopra event as well as showing up to anti-vax events.)

Ethan is willing to travel through Canada as well as the US.

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