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Ed Buckner


*Located in Atlanta, GA
*Former president (2008-2010) and current board member, American Atheists
* Former executive director, Council for Secular Humanism
* Former president, Atlanta Freethought Society (AFS)
* Life member, American Atheists, Council for Secular Humanism, FFRF, AFS
* Author of many chapters, essays, LTEs; editor and publisher
* Co-editor/compiler, with his son Michael, Quotations That Support Separation of State and Church, 2nd Edition (Freethought Press)
* Debater and speaker across US and in the United Kingdom--defending atheism and the separation of state and church
* Co-author with his son Michael of In Freedom We Trust: An Atheist Guide to Religious Liberty, published by Prometheus Books in December 2012.

Ed Buckner is an atheist, freethinker, secular humanist and a long time (30+ years) ardent advocate of strict separation of churchand state. He has written and been published widely, appeared on national and regional radio and TV, edited and published anumber of books, and is happily married. He has defended religious liberty--and debunked the idea that this is or should be aChristian nation--in hundreds of talks and debates. And he's been invited back, often, for repeat performances.

He is happy to speak to Law groups as well as to all undergrad and high school groups.

Ed is happy to talk or debate on:

  • "In Freedom We Trust"--the logic and history that supports why this is a free country, not a Christian nation.

  • "Atheism, Not Godliness"--Why a reasonable, moral person should be an atheist.

  • "Secularism Across America"-- Should national organizations like American Atheists, FFRF, Secular Student Alliance, and the Secular Coalition for America be allies or competitors?--and what should students expect to get from and do for such groups?

  • Also willing to develop new topics (for debates or talks) on request, with more notice, of course.

If you're interested in having this speaker come to your school and give a presentation, click here to fill out our online Speaker Request form.

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