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Ed Brayton

  • Located near Grand Rapids, MI.Ed Brayton
  • President and co-founder of Michigan Citizens for Science.
  • Recipient of the Friend of Darwin award from the National Center for Science Education.
  • Former stand-up comedian.

After spending several years touring the country as a stand up comedian, Ed Brayton tired of explaining his jokes to small groups of dazed illiterates and turned to writing as the most common outlet for the voices in his head. He has appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show and the Thom Hartmann Show, and is almost certain that he is the only person ever to make fun of Chuck Norris on C-SPAN. He is part of the Patheos blog network and is the voice behind the popular blog Dispatches from the Culture Wars. Ed brings his experience as a stand up comedian to his speaking engagements, making for an entertaining time for all.

You can find some of Ed's speaking gigs on Youtube:

Ed would enjoy speaking on the following topics:

  • Evolution and creationism
  • civil liberties
  • State/Church Separation
  • criminal justice issues
  • Stand Up Skeptic - a 45 minute stand up routine about atheism and skepticism

Ed does asks for a $250 honorarium, though he is happy to work with whatever your group's financial situation is.

If you're interested in having this speaker come to your school and give a presentation, click here to fill out our online Speaker Request form.

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