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Cecil Bothwell


•Located in Asheville, NC
•One of a small handful of openly non-theist politicians in the U.S., dubbed the most Courageous Elected Official of 2010 by the American Atheists. First elected to office in 2009, he was reelected to Asheville's City Council in 2013.
• Author of She Walks On Water: A novel, part of his effort to normalize non-theism in popular literature, Whale Falls: An exploration of belief and its consequences, and The Prince of War: Billy Graham's Crusade for a Wholly Christian Empire.
• Winner of national and regional awards for investigative reporting, criticism, humorous commentary and slam poetry. Author of Geoffrey Wasn't Rash (chapbook and tape) and Can we have archaic and idiot? A collection of fictitious tropes.
• Widely credited with putting a crooked sheriff into federal prison for fifteen years. Author of Pure Bunkum: Reporting on the life and crimes of Buncombe County Sheriff Bobby Lee Medford.
• Founding editor of Heartstone, the Warren Wilson College environmental journal, and 20-year off-the-grid veteran and green builder.
• Forty plus years as an organic gardener, author of Garden My Heart: Organic strategies for backyard sustainability.

Noting that the fate of dinosaurs proves the inefficacy of specialization, Cecil has embraced a Jack-of-all-trades approach to life. His career path has included green building and solar energy systems, journal and newspaper editing, radio and print commentary, house-parenting for developmentally disabled children, poetry slamming and singer-songwriter bar-hopping, oil painting and wood carving. He sits on the boards of two non-profits building libraries and schools in Bolivia and Guatemala, and is active in the Unitarian Universalist Church, participating in a non-bible jail ministry, alternative sentencing programs, homeless initiatives, death penalty repeal, drug law prohibition repeal and other social justice issues.

In the time since "Christians" attempted to block his election and investiture on Asheville's City Council, Cecil has been tapped to address audiences across the country and (via the media) around the world. Recent and upcoming venues include: the American Atheists 2010 Convention; the Minnesota Atheists 2010 convention; the American Humanist Association 2011 Convention; the University of North Carolina/Charlotte; UNC/Asheville; Secular Student Alliance 2010 Leadership Conference (Columbia, SC); Elon University forum on atheism; the Denver Atheists; and churches and civic groups. In the years before religionists tossed him into the atheist briar patch, Cecil was a regular speaker on environmental issues in schools, colleges, expositions and in the media.

Cecil would love to speak on the following topics:
-Onward Christian Soldiers: Billy Graham's advocacy for war
-The consequences of belief: drugs and sex and rock and roll and the prison-industrial complex
-Swallowing Whales: What Jonah can teach us about belief
-The social consequences of cheap energy
-Woo-Woo versus the Bunny Hug: Will we be saved by faith or works?
-Unintentional courage: How I shot the sheriff (and nettled God's deputies)
-Prudery in the Pulpit: or how politicos manage to estrange bedfellows
-Black Death, White Sugar and the Quest for a Living Wage

Cecil charges a $400 honorarium for areas that are 2 hours, or more, travel time from his area. Lodging must also be covered.

If you're interested in having this speaker come to your school and give a presentation, click here to fill out our online Speaker Request form.

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