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National Speakers Bureau Members by State

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There are currently 99 speakers in the national SSA speakers bureau.


Dan Arel
  • Lives in San Diego, CA
  • Writes Op-Ed's for AlterNet, Salon and The Huffington Post
  • Author of an upcoming book on raising children in a Christian America
  • Has a column in American Atheist Magazine called Danthropology
  • Is the newsletter editor for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
  • Is the author of Parenting Without God: How to Raise Moral, Ethical and Intelligent Children Free From Religious Dogma
  • Also now the Ethics Expert for the Global Secular Council
  • Twitter: @danarel

Richard Carrier
  • Located in Richmond, CA
  • Graduate of UC Berkeley and Columbia University
  • Holds a Ph.D. in ancient intellectual history
  • World renowned historian, philosopher, and author
  • Atheist evangelist and vocal critic of Christian apologetics
  • Author of several books including Sense and Goodness without God and Proving History: Bayes's Theorem and the Quest for the Historical Jesus
  • "Specializes in the modern philosophy of naturalism and humanism and feminism, counter-apologetics, historical method, logic and critical thinking (including Bayes' Theorem), the development of ancient science and technology, and the origins of Christianity."

Dr. Carrier would love to talk on subjects relating to:

  • Ancient Roman science, technology, philosophy, and religion
  • The philosophy of naturalism and the importance of naturalism as a worldview
  • Christian apologetics
  • Arguments for and against the resurrection of Jesus or the existence of God
  • Historical method and what makes for a good historian
Tally Cass
  • We are an atheist accoustic band called Monster On Sunday
  • We are a two-piece band.
  • We are members of CFI and the SSA Speakers Bureaus.
  • We donate a portion of our band merch sales to the SSA.
  • Our music appeals primarily to young people, but is enjoyed by all ages as well.
  • We do originals and cover tunes.
  • Covers are from bands such as Bad Religion, XTC, NOFX, etc.
  • Song list, videos and more can be found on our webpage.

Greta Christina
Evan Clark
  • Located in Thousand Oaks, CA
  • Chair of the Secular Student Alliance Board of Directors
  • Founder of the first SSA Affiliate on a religious campus
  • First atheist Student Body President at California Lutheran University
  • Co-Founder of the Humanist Community of Ventura County
  • Founder and Director of Spectrum Experience LLC
  • Twitter: @evansaysblah
Heina Dadabhoy
  • Located in Southern California
  • Blogs at Heinous Dealings (http://freethoughtblogs.com/heinous/)
  • Former Muslim, current atheist
  • Author of A Skeptic's Guide to Islam (forthcoming title from Pitchstone Publishing)
  • Does well both alone and in panels
  • Twitter handle: @heinousdealings
  • Find out more info here.
Mark Edward
  • Located in San Pedro, CA
  • Steering Committee Member of IIG West (Independent Investigation Group) - an affiliate branch of CFI (Center for Inquiry, Skeptical Inquirer Magazine)
  • Editorial Board of Skeptic magazine since inception
  • Performing Magic Castle performer since 1975
  • Author of Feral House Publishing: "Psychic Blues" reviewed in New York Times, Daily Mail UK and availble at amazon.com
  • Recently on the Halloween episode of "The Jeff Probst Show" and "Inside Edition" showing how psychics defraud the public.
  • Find his website at www.themarkedward.com.

David Fitzgerald
  • Located in San Francisco, CA
  • Writer, Public Speaker, Historical Researcher
  • Director/Co-Founder of both the world's first Atheist Film Festival and Evolutionpalooza!, San Francisco's oldest annual Darwin Day celebration
  • Author of NAILED: Ten Christian Myths that Show Jesus Never Existed at All
  • Has spoken around the country at national conventions such as American Atheists, American Humanist Association, Rapture Day, and Skepticon
Rahuldeep Gill
  • Located in Los Angeles
  • Director of the Center for Equality and Justice
  • Professor of Global Religions
  • Expert on Sikh traditions and Indian religions
  • Also teach a course on Jewish, Christian, and Muslim scriptures
Ian Harris
  • Located in Los Angeles, CA
  • Premiere secular/skeptic stand up comedian in the US.
  • Headliner of Evolution of Comedy Tour
  • Cable TV hour comedy special in Summer 2014 - Ian Harris: Critical & Thinking
  • Ranked on 3 separate national Top 100 Comedians lists
  • Twitter: @comediocre

Ian would like to perform secular stand up comedy, but in addition he can speak on:

  • Secularism and non-belief in the entertainment industry
  • Lack of critical thinking in television's effect on our nation's religiosity
Victor Harris
  • Located in San Leandro, CA.
  • Spoken word artist from Oakland, CA.
  • Writes skeptical and atheist themed poetry
  • Blogger at Mad Art Lab, Where art meets science and skepticism
  • Has performed at The Reason Rally, 2012 AAcon, SkeptiCal, Sacramento Free Thought Day, Godless Perverts
  • Story Hour, and Blackout Secular Rally, and will be at 2014 AAcon in Salt Lake City.
  • Owner of Reuschelle's Cheesecakes.
  • Twitter: @reuschelles
Chris Highland
  • Located in San Rafael, California
  • Non-theistic freethinker; "Nature Chaplain" 
  • Instructor in "natural spirituality" through Cherry Hill Seminary; adjunct instructor, Dominican University and Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley
  • Nine published books including Life After Faith
  • Presbyterian Minister for 14 years (1987-2001; Master of Divinity degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary; parish associate for 10 years; left ordination for reasons of conscience)
  • Interfaith Chaplain in county jails--10,000 inmates per year-- and with unhoused, homeless poor--in one of the nation's wealthiest counties-- for 20 years (directed county emergency shelter for 2 winters)
  • Taught courses in congregations on World Religions and Sacred Scriptures
  • Philosophy major, Seattle Pacific University--evangelical college
  • Former Evangelical (high school through college attended Baptist, Pentecostal,
    Protestant, Campus Crusade and House Church congregations; youth group leader; wide biblical and ecumenical knowledge)
Sikivu Hutchinson
  • Located in Los Angeles, CA
  • Sikivu Hutchinson is the author of Moral Combat: Black Atheists, Gender Politics, and the Values WarsGodless Americana: Race and Religious Rebels, and the forthcoming White Nights, Black Paradise, a novel on Peoples Temple and the Jonestown Massacre.
  • She is the founder of Black Skeptics Los Angeles, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, and a Senior Fellow for the Institute for Humanist Studies. The Black Skeptics Group sponsors annual First in the Family Humanist scholarship awards.
  • She is also the project director of the Women's Leadership Project feminist humanist mentoring program.
Keith Lowell Jensen
  • Founder and resident atheist on The Coexist? Comedy Tour
  • Host of popular YouTube series Atheist Church
  • Has performed with Robin Williams, Doug Stanhope, Norm Macdonald, and a bunch of other big shots
  • Has four full length comedy albums out including the most recent, Elf Orgy on Stand Up! Records
Bobbie Kirkhart
  • Located in Los Angeles, CA
  • Contributing author to The Fundamentals of Extremism: the Christian Right in America
  • Contributing author to Everything You Know About God Is Wrong : The Disinformation Guide to Religion
  • Contributing author to Parenting Beyond Belief
  • Past president, Atheist Alliance International
  • Vice President Atheist Alliance of America
  • Board Member, Camp Quest Incorporated
  • Is very proud of receiving the 2013 Freethought Backbone of the Year Award
David G McAfee
  • Author of Mom, Dad, I'm an Atheist: The Guide to Coming Out as a Non-Believer and Disproving Christianity and other Secular Writings
  • Contributor to American Atheist Magazine and Canadian Freethinker
  • Graduated with BA in Religious Studies and English
Matt McCormick
  • Located in Sacramento, CA
  • Professor, Dept of Philosophy, California State University
  • His teaching website can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/mccormickphilosophy/
  • He runs a blog, Atheism: Proving the Negative, at http://atheismblog.blogspot.com/
  • Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Rochester
  • Has studied the philosophy of religion, epistemology, atheism, and critical thinking for over 20 years
  • About to release a book entitled Atheism and the Case Against Christ
  • Has lectured extensively to student groups, at atheism and philosophy conferences, public groups, and others.


Carlos Bertha
  • Located in Colorado Springs, CO
  • Teaches Ethics, Logic, and Philosophy of Science at the US Air Force Academy
  • Faculty Advisor for the USAFA Cadet Freethinkers Club
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Military Association of Atheists and Freetinkers (MAAF)
  • Have spoken at various atheist conferences, to include AAIC, AHA, and The Amaz!ing Meeting

Thea Deley
  • Located in Paonia, CO
  • Only comedian on SSA's roster with a vajayjay.
  • Called 'a face of new Atheism' by Denver's "Westword."
  • Founding minister of the Church of Personal Responsibility.
  • Promises to restore your virginity or send you home with a condom.
  • Rated "Rad!" by Metro State University student newspaper.
  • Once burst into a church and yelled at the worship band to STFU.
  • Performing at American Atheists' 2014 national conference in Salt Lake City.
  • Twitter: @theadeley


Conor Robinson
  • lives in Los Angeles, California
  • founded Yale's Humanist Society
  • founded the Pathfinders Project
  • received the 2014 Humanist Visionary award from Foundation Beyond Belief
  • directs the Humanist Service Corps

Topics Include:

  • Pathfinders Project
  • the Humanist Service Corps
  • humanist fundraising dilemmas and strategic solutions
  • leading and engaging millennials
  • effective communication
  • expressing humanist values through service
  • ethical issues in international service from a humanist perspective
  • mitigating superstition by promoting development
  • vetting potential volunteer opportunities
  • evaluating project success using both process and outcome measures
  • other topics may be suggested!

District of Columbia

Murali Balaji
  • located in Washington, DC
  • Hindu American Foundation's Director of Education and Curriculum Reform
  • former award-winning journalist
  • social activist
  • academic whose research focuses on political economy and media representations of minorities
  • teacher trainer and curriculum specialist for Hindu American Foundation, overseeing education reform efforts
Rob Boston
  • Located in Washington, D.C.
  • Assistant director of communications for Americans United for Separation of Church and State
  • Assistant editor of AU's monthly magazine Church & State
  • Leading writer and researcher on church-state topics
  • Serves as spokesman for AU and has appeared on NBC's Nightly News, CNN's Headline News, Fox News, and other programs.
Zack Ford
  • Located in Washington, DC
  • LGBT Editor, ThinkProgress.org
  • Founder, ZackFordBlogs.com
  • Founder, Queer and Queerer Podcast
  • Twitter: @ZackFord
Jason Heap
  • Located in Washington, DC
  • Travelled to nearly 40 countries through work, leisure and service projects.
  • Family and friends come from over 10 religious traditions.
  • Qualified as a Teacher of Religious Education in the UK's State-maintained schools.
  • Was first appointed as a Headteacher (the UK equivalent of a 'Teaching Principal' in the US) at the age of 32.
  • First applicant to be a Humanist chaplain to the US Navy (application ongoing).
Gregory Lipper
  • Senior Litigation Counsel, Americans United for Separation of Church and State.
  • Litigates high-profile First Amendment cases at trial and on appeal.
  • Represents military veteran in constitutional challenge to promotion of Christianity at local veterans' memorial in\u2028King, North Carolina.
  • Represented Respondents in Town of Greece v. Galloway, the Supreme Court's recent case examining the constitutionality of prayers before local government meetings
  • Authored Supreme Court brief defending access to contraception in Hobby Lobby case
  • Experienced oral advocate.
Barry Lynn
  • Has served for the past 20 years as executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State
  • Ordained minister in liberal United Church of Christ
  • Member of the Supreme Court bar
  • Only person to have won both the Hugh Hefner First Amendment Award and Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt "Freedom To Worship" Medal of Honor
  • Have appeared on virtually every good, bad and ugly television program and was referred to as a "paranoid crazy" by Bill O'Reilly
  • Author of new book to be released in Spring 2015: God and Goverment--An Insider's View of 25 Years of Church-State Separation.
  • Currently have two well know Christian ministers praying for my death.
  • Have co-hosted radio shows opposite both Pat Buchanan and Oliver North.
  • See him with Anderson Cooper here.
  • Find out more info here and here.


Iris Furman
  • Located in Davie, FL
  • Previous President and Co-Founder of Secular Student Alliance at UCF
  • Campaign Manager of Knights Against 8
  • Organized a 99% Spring Action Training on Direct Action
  • Involved in Labor Organizing during my stay progressive community.
  • Progressive Activist
  • Twitter: @Furmanator
Jennifer (Jen) Hancock
  • Located in Tampa Bay, FL
  • Former executive director for the Humanists of Florida Association.
  • Author: The Humanist Approach to Happiness: Practical Wisdom Writer and producer of An Introduction to Humanism on DVD
  • Tampa Humanist and Freethought Examiner for Examiner.com
  • Writes a freelance column about Humanism for the Bradenton Herald newspaper.
  • Writes the Happiness through Humanism blog and podcast.


Jonny Brotherton
  • Located in Lawrenceville, GA
  • Founder and Executive Director of Atheist Analysis
  • Founder of Grillin' With Atheist
  • Produces more video content per week then any other Atheist Organization
  • 45 Volunteers
  • 15 Blog Articles Per Week
  • All of our content is made available free of charge, and ALWAYS will be.
Jeremiah Camara
  • Located in Lilburn, GA
  • Has been called the "reverse preacher"
  • Extremely comfortable in front of any sized crowd
  • A stickler for being on time
  • Expert on my subject matter
  • Very creative (author, poet, musician, filmmaker, speaker)
  • Able to speak to any demographic
  • I enjoy what I do immensely

Topics Include:

  • Religion's...
    -Economic implications
    -Deleterious effects on society
    -Historical impact on the world
    -Injurious effects (specifically on African Americans)
    -Racism... why it's not what we think it is
    -American precepts of racial inferiority
    -Constitutional myths
    -Slavery (why it's still relevant)
  • And more!
Tim Farley
Dale McGowan
  • Located in Atlanta, GA
  • Editor/co-author of Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers
  • Author of freethought satirical novels Calling Bernadette's Bluff and Good Thunder Editor of Voices of Unbelief: Documents of Atheists and Agnostics (2012)
  • Founding Executive Director of Foundation Beyond Belief
  • 2008 Harvard Humanist of the Year
  • Author of Atheism for Dummies
Mandisa Thomas
  • Located in Atlanta, GA
  • Born and raised in New York City
  • Never formally raised religious
  • Married with 3 children
  • A founder and President of Black Nonbelievers, Inc.
  • Current board member of Foundation Beyond Belief
  • Twitter: @mandy0904
Karin Weiss
  • Located in Atlanta, GA Former president (2008-2010) and current board member, American Atheists
  • Former executive director, Council for Secular Humanism
  • Former president, Atlanta Freethought Society (AFS)
  • Life member, American Atheists, Council for Secular Humanism, FFRF, AFS Author of many chapters, essays, LTEs; editor and publisher
  • Co-editor/compiler, with his son Michael, Quotations That Support Separation of State and Church, 2nd Edition (Freethought Press)


Hemant Mehta

Hemant's speaking topics include:

  • The story behind I Sold My Soul on eBay
  • The need for critical thinking in public schools
  • The challenges of being a young atheist
  • Why skeptics can be so gullible
William Zingrone
William Zingrone can speak on:
  • The Arrogance of Religious Through
  • Science Rules, Religion Drools
  • Is a Starfish Conscioius?
  • Cognitive Evolution
  • Paleolithic Art and Tools
  • Conceptual Development
  • Indiana

    Jessika Griffin
    • Located in Bloomington, IN
    • SSA Regional Campus Organizer for the Mideast Region (IL, IN, MI, OH, & KY)
    • Education: BS in Public Management from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IU Bloomington. Minor in legal studies.
    • Former Secular Alliance at IU President ('12-'13) and Outreach Director ('11-'12)
    • Identifies as a skeptic, secular humanist, and atheist
    • Twitter: @SSAJessika
    • Jessika can speak on secular activism, building a community on campus, doing interfaith work, how to run social media and other promotional resources, and working with off campus groups.
    John Loftus
    • Located in Ft. Wayne, IN
    • Three master's degrees in the area of the Philosophy of Religion
    • Former Christian Minister & Apologist
    • Earned a master’s degree under the infamous Christian apologist William Lane Craig.
    • Author of Why I Became an Atheist: A Former Preacher Rejects Christianity - named best atheist book of the decade by Common Sense Atheism
    • Editor of The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, which received the 2010 Atheist/Agnostic About.com Reader’s Choice Award.
    • He has edited three other important books, The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, The End of Christianity and Christianity is Not Great. He also co-wrote a debate book (with Dr. Randal Rauser) titled, God or Godless published by Baker Books.
    • The only skeptic with a reasonable set of credentials that William Lane Craig refuses to debate! Let's Recap Why William Lane Craig Refuses to Debate Me


    JT Eberhard
    • Located in Lawrence, KS
    • Blogger
    • Co-Founder of Skepticon
    Darrel Ray
    • Located in Bonner Springs, KS
    • Organizational psychologist with lifelong interest in the psychology of religion
    • Author of three books, two in organizational psychology and one on religious infection
    • Principal researcher on the recent report: Sex and Secularism: What Happens When You Leave Religion, A survey of 10,000 American secularists
    • Founder of Recovering from Religion - "Learning the joy of faith free living" www.recoveringreligionists.com
    • Raised in a fundamentalist home.
    • Professional speaker, trainer and consultant
    • Hobbies include mountain climbing, skiing, gardening, reading and travel


    Jerry DeWitt
    • Located in Rural Louisiana
    • Jerry is a Public Speaker, Author and Celebrant with the Humanist Society
    • Is a board member for The Clergy Project
    • Is a board member for Foundation Beyond Belief
    • He is the author of Hope After Faith
    • His website can be found at jerrydewitt.net or HopeAfterFaith.com
    • Twitter: @jerry_dewitt


    Fred Edwords
    • Located in Washington, D.C.
    • Guidance and expertise in SSA publications
    • Input into mutual cooperation between SSA and AHA
    • Contributions to SSA literature and content
    • Participation in the Speaker Series and Debate Circuit
    Stephanie Guttormson
    • Located in Gaithersburg, MD
    • Trans Woman
    • Operations Director, RDFRS
    • Former Award-Winning Student Group Leader
    • Bachelors of Arts degrees in Theoretical Mathematics and Linguistics
    • Founded Metro State Atheists at MSUD (formerally MSCD)
    • YouTube Channel 'Think Stephically' www.youtube.com/thinkingstephtically
    Ashley Miller
    • Currently located in Columbia, SC
    • Currently getting PhD in Mass Communications, focusing on Women's Studies and Reality TV
    • Worked in reality television as an editor -- shows included Toddlers & Tiaras, Flipping Out, Ace of Cakes
    • Plays the Ukulele
    • Member of the SSA Board of Directors
    • Communications Officer at Provide -- An organization dedicated to abortion access, especially in the South
    • Twitter: @ashleyfmiller

    Ashley would love to speak on the following topics:

    • Atheism and diversity
    • Introduction to feminism
    • Media literacy and how to work with the media
    • Religion versus women, minorities, and LGBT
    • Using Social Media effectively
    • Film, Television, Young Adult Literature
    • Blogging, Podcasting, Vlogging
    • History of Christianity
    • Coping with burn out


    Tom Clark
    • Located in Boston, MA
    • Founder, Center for Naturalism.
    • Developer of Naturalism.Org, a leading Web resource on worldview naturalism, its implications and applications.
    • Author, Encountering Naturalism: A Worldview and Its Uses and many publications and presentations on naturalism, free will, science, addiction, and criminal and social justice.
    • Host and moderator, Philosophy CafĂ© at Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, MA.
    Kate Donovan
    • Located in Boston, MA
    • Blogger at Freethought Blogs, Friendly Atheist, and Teen Skepchick
    • Volunteer SSA Network Coordinator for Military Students
    • Studying Psychology and Human Development & Psychological Services at Northwestern University

    Topics Include:

    • Pseudoscience and Women
    • Alternative Medicine in Practice: Homeopathy & Handwaving
    • Mental Health: The Skeptic's Approach
    • So You Want to be a Student Activist?
    • The Nice Atheist: Mediating and Mediators in the Community
    Abby Hafer
    • Located in Bedford, MA
    • D.Phil. in zoology from Oxford University
    • Teaches human anatomy and physiology
    • Senior lecturer in biology at Curry College in Milton, MA
    • Interviewed on National Public Radio/Public Radio International. 
    • Also interviewed on WBAI radio in New York.
    • Has presented at numerous colleges and humanist societies
    • Three presentations: UnIntelligent Design: Why Evolution Explains the Human Body and 'Intelligent Design' Does Not, Animals That Shouldn't Exist, According to Intelligent Design, Biology and Intelligent Design--They Really Speak Different Languages (and I can prove it)
    Seth Lepore
    • Located in Easthampton, MA
    • Seth is a writer, humorist and performing artist as well as community organizer.
    • His one-man show Losing My Religion: Confessions of a New Age Refugee was one the top ten plays of 2011 according to the Twin Cities Daily Planet.
    • Lepore has a chameleon like ability to shape shift between characters on stage.
    • Lepore grew up Catholic, became a Buddhist for a while, tried out a plethora of new age versions of spirituality and is now a very happy agnostic.
    • The name Lepore is Italian, not French.
    • Lepore met Hulk Hogan on a plane when he was nine and got his autograph on a napkin which he promptly lost the next day.
    • Lepore is excited to be working on an upcoming devised work with the media theorist Douglas Rushkoff in 2016-17.
    • Twitter: @sethlepore
    David Niose
    • Located in Lunenburg, Massachusetts
    • Author of Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans, and Fighting Back the Right: Reclaiming America from the Attack on Reason (December 2014)
    • Former president of the Secular Coalition for America and American Humanist Association
    • Legal Director for the American Humanist Association
    • Attorney who has litigated on behalf of Secular Americans
    • Humanist blog at Psychology Today, called "Our Humanity, Naturally."
    • Twitter: @ahadave
    Katherine Stewart
    • Located in NY City


    Jeremiah Bannister
    • I live with my wife and four children in Dorr, Michigan, midway between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.
    • I graduated with a degree in journalism and mass communication from Olivet College in Olivet, Michigan. I also minored in political science.
    • I'm the creator and host of PaleoRadio, a talk radio program focused on politics, religion and culture.
    • As a protestant, I was a pastor and advocate for presuppositionalism, theonomy, and postmillennialism--put together, Christian Reconstructionism.
    • As a Roman Catholic, I was a Knight of Columbus, a catechist, and a guest speaker on matters of politics and religion. My final year as a Roman Catholic--and as a Christian--was spent as a sedevacantist.
    • Twitter: @Paleocrat
    Ed Brayton
    • Located near Grand Rapids, MI.
    • Owner of the Freethought Blogs network and the popular blog Dispatches from the Culture Wars.
    • President and co-founder of Michigan Citizens for Science.
    • Recipient of the Friend of Darwin award from the National Center for Science Education.
    • Host of Culture Wars Radio on WPRR in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
    • Former stand-up comedian.
    Tommy Nugent
    • Located in Detroit, MI
    • former pentecostal youth pastor turned atheist
    • award-winning solo comedy-theater performer
    • professional speaker who has presented to more than half a million students since 1998
    • on Twitter as @revnuge
    Justin Schieber
    • Located in Grand Rapids, MI
    • Extensive debate experience.
    • Co-host of the Reasonable Doubts Radio show Podcast.
    • Currently serves as board member of CFI Michigan.
    Christopher Tanner
    • Located in Jenson, Michigan
    • PR Director/Organizational Director and Co-Host of Atheist Analysis.
    • They provide a network of 7 shows a week ranging from politics, religion, education, lectures, debates, and science to 15 active blogs per week.
    • He is passionate about small activist groups and helping them grow.
    • LGBTQ Activist/Feminist Activist/Secular Humanist
    • I have an associates of Business Management and 10 years of managing experience helping to develop individuals to maximize their careers within the constructs of an organization.


    Scott Forschler
    • Located in St. Cloud, MN
    • PhD in Philosophy (U of MN, 2004), emphasis in ethical theory
    • former member of Campus Atheists and Secular Humanists (U of MN), Minnesota Atheists
    • previously taught philosophy at several Minnesota community colleges and the University of Minnesota
    • author of several peer-reviewed articles and conference presentations on ethics
    • author of the upcoming book The Logic of Morality, to be published by Rowman & Littlefield
    • currently a philosophy instructor at St. Cloud Technical and Community College
    Stephanie Zvan


    James Croft
    • Located in Somerville, MA
    • Vice-Chair of the Humanist Graduate Community at Harvard
    • Assistant Editor of The New Humanism
    • Founder of Temple of the Future
    • Humanist Celebrant


    Lori Fazzino
    • Located in Las Vegas, NV
    • Doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    • Studies Evangelical Apostasy and deconversion  processes
    • Secular Student Alliance UNLV board member (2011-2012)
    • Former Evangelical believer and meat eater
    • Click here for her UNLV faculty page

    United States

    New Hampshire

    Mary Johnson
    • Located in Nashua, NH
    • Mary was a nun in Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity for 20 years before abandoning her religious faith to rejoice in her freedom
    • Mary enjoys helping bridge the communicaton gap between secular and religous people, since she understands how good people on both sides work
    • An Unquenchable Thirst, her memoir about her 20 years as a nun, was named to Kirkus Revew's list of Best Nonfiction of the Year
    • She’s been interviewed by Rosie O’Donnell and on national radio in the US, Canada and Australia
    • She is Creative Director of Retreats for A Room of Her Own Foundation
    • Her opnion pieces have appeared in The Washington Post, USA Today, National Public Radio, the Huffington Post, and Bloomberg.com
    • Mary has been intervewed by The Friendly Atheist and Daylight Athesm, and has an article upcoming in The Humanist magazne.
    • Mary is in the process of becomng a Humanist Celebrant and is eager for the opportunity to help nonreligious people celebrate special moments in meaningful ways.

    Mary is happy to speak on these topics:

    • Living an Authentic Life: Big Concept, Practical Steps
    • When Everything Changes Overnight
    • The Joys of Doubt
    • Herding Cats: Building Secular Community
    • Godless Heathen within a Religious Family: Avoiding Domestic Armageddon
    • This I Believe: A Weekend Workshop to Help Clarify Your Thoughts about Life and Living Well

    New Jersey

    Danielle Muscato
    • Located in Cranford, New Jersey
    • Public Relations Director, American Atheists
    • Former Secular Student Alliance Volunteer Network Coordinator and summer intern
    • Former student group leader (SASHA at University of Missouri)
    • Co-editor of the SSA Group Running Guide, 4th ed.
    • Blogger for Humanist Community at Harvard, muSASHA.org, and SkepticFreethought.com
    • Host of "Atheist Viewpoint", a nationally syndicated weekly TV show, also available on the Atheist TV channel free online at www.atheists.tv
    • Former professional Christian worship musician
    • Also available for debates!
    • Muscato is a trans woman formerly known as Dave
    • Twitter handle: @DanielleMuscato

    New York

    Baba Brinkman
    • Located in New York
    • Rap artist
    • Playwright
    • Science Communicator
    • Advocate of Evolution
    Chris Johnson
    • Located in New York, NY
    • Author of the photography book, "A Better Life: 100 Atheists Speak Out on Joy & Meaning in a World Without God"
    • Director of upcoming film version of the book.
    • Has raised over $125,000 on Kickstarter for the book/film of "A Better Life"
    • Interviewed atheists from around the world for the two projects including notable figures such as, Richard Dawkins, Dan Dennett, Steven Pinker, Penn & Teller, Julia Sweeney, Alex Honnold, & Derren Brown, among others.
    • Check him out on Youtube here.

    Topics Include:

    • The journey of creating "A Better Life" - from concept to published book!
    • Crowdfunding
    • A new way of looking at atheism
    • Atheism and Death
    Jamie Kilstein
    • Located in Brooklyn, NY
    • Comedian and Co-Host of Citizen Radio
    • As seen on MSNBC, Conan O'Brien, Showtime, and more
    • Doesn't hate women
    • Performed at The Reason Rally, Global Atheist Convention etc
    • Twitter handle: @jamiekilsteind
    Adam Lee
    • Located in New York, NY
    • Author of the blog Daylight Atheism
    • Cited in Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion
    • Won first prize in a science-writing contest judged by Steven Pinker
    • Was singled out in campaign attack ads in 2008 run by a Republican senator
    • Lifetime member of the Freedom from Religion Foundation
    Amanda Marcotte
    • Located in Brooklyn, NY
    • Political writer with an emphasis on feminism, secularism, and monitoring the religious right
    • Blogs at Pandagon, Slate's XX Factor, and RH Reality Check
    • Writes regularly for Slate, Alternet, and the Guardian
    • Has written two books, one on feminism and one on liberal politics with an emphasis on secularism and science
    • Has spoken on feminism, the religious right, right wing extremism, and the links between feminism and skepticism
    Miri Mogilevsky
    • Lives in NYC
    • Studied psychology at Northwestern University
    • Now studying social work at Columbia University
    • Blogs about social justice, psychology, and basically everything at freethoughtblogs.com/brutereason
    • Tweets @sondosia
    • Enjoys Russian literature and Cheezits

    Topics Include:

    • Psychology & mental health (especially as they relate to skepticism)
    • social justice
    • sexual health
    • LGBT/women's issues
    • writing/blogging/activism
    • social media

    North Carolina

    Cecil Bothwell
    • Located in Asheville, NC
    • One of a small handful of openly non-theist politicians in the U.S., dubbed the most Courageous Elected Official of 2010 by the American Atheists.
    • Author of Whale Falls: An exploration of belief and its consequences, and The Prince of War: Billy Graham's Crusade for a Wholly Christian Empire.
    • Winner of national and regional awards for investigative reporting, criticism, humorous commentary and slam poetry.
    • Author of Geoffrey Wasn't Rash (chapbook and tape) and Can We Have Archaic and Idiot? A collection of fictitious tropes.
    Candace Gorham
    • Located in Durham, NC
    • Author of The Ebony Exodus Project: Why Some Black Women are Walking Out on Religion and Others Should, Too
    • Former minister in a charismatic-style church
    • Member of The Clergy Project & The Therapist Project
    • Received Master's degree in counseling from Wake Forest University
    • Twitter: @EbonyExodus
    • Find out more on The Ebony Exodus Project on Facebook and at this website.
    Robert L. Reece
    • From the Mississippi Delta, located in Durham, NC.
    • Founder or co-founder of two successful blogs: Still Furious and Brave, a blog of social commentary, particularly on race, feminism, and the South, and Magnolia Fresh, a southern black men's style blog.
    • Author of numerous peer reviewed articles and book chapters on a variety of topics.
    • Working on a book project that examines the experiences of black women web cam models.


    Kelley Freeman
    • Located in Columbus, OH
    • Communications Associate for the Secular Student Alliance
    • Former intern for both the SSA and Foundation Beyond Belief
    • President/Officer of SSA at the University of South Carolina (2010-2013)
    • Founder and president of Forward Progressive Alliance at USC (2011-2013)
    • Contributor to Friendly Atheist
    • Has spoken at multiple conferences and freethought venues throughout the country
    • Twitter: @ramenneedles
    Lyz Liddell
    • Located in Columbus, OH
    • Director of Campus Organizing at the Secular Student Alliance
    • Proponent of nontheistic involvement in interfaith programs
    • Advisor for Foundation Beyond Belief "Challenge the Gap" program
    Gordon Maples
    • Located in Columbus, OH
    • Manager of the Secular Student Alliance's Regional Program
    • Formerly SSA's Regional Campus Organizer for the Southeastern US
    • Founder of the Southeastern Collegiate Atheist Alliance
    • President/Officer of Alabama Atheists and Agnostics (2010 - 2012)
    • Has inadvertently appeared on The O'Reilly Factor, The Blaze, and Creation Today.
    • Has spoken at multiple conferences and freethought venues throughout the Southeast and the rest of the country
    • Twitter @SouthernHeathen

    Gleb Tsipursky
    • Located in Columbus, OH
    • I am Co-Founder and Ideator-in-Chief of Intentional Insights, a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to promoting rational thinking, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence
    • I am a history professor, specializing in analyzing decision-making processes and outcomes in various historical contexts
    • I am the former president of the New York University secular student group
    • I am an activist of the secular humanist group in Columbus, OH (The Humanist Community of Central Ohio)
    • I am an activist of the atheist group in the Unitarian Universalist (UU) church in Columbus, OH (UU Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists)
    • Twitter: @Gleb_Tsipursky
    Frank Zindler
    • Located in Columbus, OH
    • Editor of American Atheist Press
    • Linguist
    • Spent twenty years as a teacher and professor of biology, psychobiology, and geology
    • Outstanding debater and public speaker


    Peter Boghossian
    • Located in Portland, OR
    • Philosopher in the Portland State University Philosophy Department
    • Has helped countless people to lose their faith
    • Will teach you how to help others lose their faith


    Andrew Norman
    • Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    • Philosophy prof at Carnegie Mellon University
    • Author of the Humanist Network News's "Brainstormin" series
    • Contributor to Free Inquiry magazine

    South Carolina

    Herb Silverman
    • Located in Charleston, SC
    • Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the College of Charleston
    • Founded and was faculty advisor to the Atheist-Humanist Alliance
    • President of the Secular Coalition for America
    • Former candidate for Governor of South Carolina
    • Founded Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry in South Carolina


    Matt Dillahunty
    • Located in Austin, TX
    • President, Atheist Community of Austin
    • Host of The Atheist Experience Live!
    • Co-Host of The Non-Prophets
    Russell Glasser
    • Located in Austin, TX.
    • Professional software engineer with a Master's Degree from the University of Texas.
    • Raised as an atheist with a Jewish cultural background, by two Ph.D physicists.
    • Has been participating in the Atheist Experience TV show since 2000.
    • Founding member of The Non-Prophets radio show in 2002.
    • Active blogger on Freethoughtblogs.com.
    • Has been in dialogues with Ray Comfort, Matt Slick, and Charles Colson.
    Blake Page
    • Spent two years enlisted in the Army
    • Went to West Point for 3 1/2 years until resigning in order to draw attention to failures to uphold the Constitution by military leaders
    • Served as president of the West Point Secular Student Alliance for one year
    • Currently serving as Director of Military Religious Freedom Foundation Affairs at USMA
    • Currently working on a book to provide comprehensive analysis and personal perspective on the implications of church and state violations in the military

    Topics Include:

    • The culture of religious privilege in the military and how it effects our nation at large
    • The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, its mission, details about recurrent problems in the military, and how we address them
    Anthony Pinn
    • Located in Houston, TX
    • Harvard University PhD (1994)
    • First African American to hold an Endowed Chair at Rice University
    • Author/editor of 28 books - including several on humanism
    • Director of research for the Institute for Humanist Studies
    • Named the Harvard University Humanist Chaplaincy "Humanist of the Year" in 2006
    • Received the African American Humanist Award from the Council for Secular Humanism in 1999
    Aron Ra
    • Located in Dallas, TX
    • Producer of the 'Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism' video series
    • Regular co-host of the Magic Sandwich Show on BlogTV
    • Occasional co-host on the Atheist Experience TV show
    • Member of American Atheists and the Fellowship of Freethought
    • Over 80,000 subscribers on Youtube
    • Host of the podcast "Ra-Men"
    • Contributing member of the Global Secular Council
    • Founder of the Philogeny Explorer project
    • Producting educational classroom supplement videos according to Next Generation Science Standards


    Faisal Saeed Al-Mutar
    • Located in Houston, TX.
    • Born in June 16th 1991, right after first gulf war, lived all childhood under Sanctions and Saddam Hussein Nationalist and Islamist Dictatorship.
    • The 2nd chapter of my life starts with the U.S Intervention in 2003 and the Civil War between Sunnis and Shias
    • Late 2007 my eldest brothers was killed in Iraq by Al Qaeda which ruined the family since then.
    • I lived in exile from September 2009 in many countries across the Middleeast east and South East Asia.
      March 2013: I arrived to the United States.
    • Education: Computer Science (Started 2011) going to continue here in the United States
    • Self Study: Philosophy and Macro economics since age 8 (which is the reason why I am an Atheist since birth).

      Projects created:

    • Global Secular Humanist Movement - its roots started from a local group I created in Iraq, today it has more than 195,000 Followers and growing.
    • Branches: 5 so far across the world. And 7 will be created this year.
    • Secular Post - Media platform for Secularists from all over the world to publish their ideas and thoughts (especially in countries with limited free speech and Atheists are prosecuted)
    • Written for publications such as : Big Think, National Post, Washington Post
    • Speeches: Found on YouTube
    David Tamayo
    • Located in Reston, VA
    • President and Founder of non-profit Hispanic American Freethinkers
    • Host of the secular HAFree Podcast (in Spanish)
    • Freemason for over 15 years
    • Teaches critical thinking seminars to high schools in Northern Virginia (Washington, DC suburbs)
    • BS in Computer Science from George Washington Univ.
    • MS in Management of Information Technology, University of Virginia
    • Twitter handle: @davidfromhafree
    Andy Thomson
    • Located in Charlottesville, VA
    • He runs a private practice of general psychiatry and forensic psychiatry
    • Andy recently wrote Why We Believe in God(s):A Concise Guide to the Science of Faith


    Patrick Elliot
    • Located in Madison, WI (frequently travels to Minnesota)
    • Attorney for the Freedom From Religion Foundation
    • Spokesperson on state/church issues with the media, including the Los Angeles Times, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Fox News, MSNBC and other national news sources covering state/church issues.
    • Speaking engagements have included freethinker groups, conventions, legislative testimony, and training for school administrators.
    Jennifer McCreight
    • Seattle, WA
    • Member of the Secular Student Alliance Board of Directors
    • Co-founder and former President of the Society of Non-Theists at Purdue University
    • Blogger at Blag Hag (www.blaghag.com)
    • Creator of the widespread "Boobquake" event
    • Contributor to the American edition of The Atheist's Guide to Christmas
    • Profiled in More Magazine in an article on the new feminists
    James Sutter
    • Located in Seattle, WA.
    • Co-creator of the Pathfinder RPG, currently the best-selling tabletop roleplaying game in the world.
    • Professional author, game designer, and worldbuilder.
    • Author of the novels Death's Heretic and The Redemption Engine, a fantasy series about an atheist in a world where gods are objectively real.
    • Ranked #3 on Barnes & Noble's Best Fantasy Releases of 2011. Finalist for an Origins Award and the Compton Crook Award for Best First Novel, and winner of numerous ENnie awards for setting and game design.
    • Regular guest speaker at Gen Con, World Fantasy Convention, Norwescon, Paizocon, Clarion West Writer's Workshop, and more.
    • Twitter: @jameslsutter
    Valerie Tarico
    Rebecca Vitsmun
    • Located in Pullyallup, WA
    • Development Coordinator of Humanist Disaster Recovery Teams for Foundation Beyond Belief, the first national disaster recovery program for the secular community
    • Co-host and writer for broadcast radio program, Ask an Atheist.
    • Outed on live national television by Wolf Blitzer after a tornado destroyed her home
    • Board member of Humanists of Washington
    • Twitter: @ActuallyAtheist

    West Virginia

    Roger Scott Jackson
    • Located in West Virginia
    • Sam Singleton is the world's first and only full-time Atheist Evangelist, so far as we know.
    • Brother Sam is a fictional character created and portrayed onstage by Roger Scott Jackson.
    • He is the author of PATRIARCHS AND PENISES, A Comedy in Two Acts, (2008) TOO BIG FOR GOD, (2009) and IF THE OCEAN WAS WHISKEY AND GOD WAS A DUCK, The Humorous Tale of a Child Evangelist (2010).
    • He has performed his comedic works in more than a hundred venues and towns in the US and Canada, in saloons, theaters, universities and at conferences.
    • Brother Sam has frequently and favorably been compared to Mark Twain, Clarence Darrow, George Carlin, and Foghorn Leghorn.
    • Brother Sam, or his creator, Roger Scott Jackson, is also available for extemporaneous discussions, question and answer sessions, interviews and debates on many subjects, but neither one will debate the existence of god.


    Dan Barker
    • Located in Madison, WI
    • Former evangelical minister
    • Co-president of Freedom From Religion Foundation
    • Author of Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist
    • Author of Godless: How An Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists (with a foreword by Richard Dawkins)
    • Author of The Good Atheist: Living a Purpose-Filled Life Without God
    • Dynamic Speaker and Debater (and singer!)
    • Frequent media appearances including the Phil Donahue show, Maury Povich, Hannity & Colmes, and Oprah Winfrey
    • Co-host of Freethought Radio
    Annie Laurie Gaylor
    • Located in Madison, WI
    • Co-founder and Co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation
    • Editor of Freethought Today (1985-2009; now executive editor not acting editor)
    • Author of "Woe to the Women: the Bible tells Me So", "Betrayal of Trust: Clergy Abuse of Children", & "Women Without Superstition: No Gods - No Masters"
    • Twitter: @algaylor
    Rebecca Markert
    • Located in Madison, Wisconsin
    • Senior Staff Attorney for Freedom From Religion Foundation
    • Received a B.A. in political science, German, and international relations from the University of Wisconsin
    • Received her J.D. from Roger Williams University
    Steve Martin
    • Located in Ripon, WI
    • Professor of Communication at Ripon College, in Ripon, WI
    • Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Public Address from Penn State University
    • Teaches courses on the rhetoric of social movements, U.S public address, political campaign communication, public speaking, argumentation theory, and metaphor and social problems
    • Advises the Secular Student Alliance at Ripon College
    Andrew Seidel
    • Lives in Madison, WI and loves to travel
    • Degrees include:
      • Bachelor of Science in neuroscience and environmental science, cum laude
      • Juris Doctor, magna cum laude
      • Masters of Law, summa cum laude
    • Speaking events:
      • Andrew has given more than 30 talks at universities and law schools across the country.
      • He has given talks and workshops at the last three SSA conferences in Columbus and has debated Bill O'Reilly.
      • He frequently writes for FFRF's blog: http://ffrf.org/new/blog
    • Awards include:
      • FFRF Graduate Student Essay Contest, Second Place 2010
      • Haber J. McCarthy Excellence in Environmental Law Award
      • Outstanding Masters of Law Student, Denver University Law School
    • Forthcoming book on international human rights
    • Attorney, Photographer, Writer, and Former Grand Canyon Tour Guide.


    Ian Cromwell
    • Located in Vancouver, Canada
    • Anti-racist, skeptic atheist, feminist, humanist
    • Author of The Crommunist Manifesto at Freethought Blogs
    • Health economist, health services researcher
    Nathan Phelps
    • Located in Alberta, CA.
    • Born and raised in the "God Hates Fags" Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas.
    • Left home on the night of his 18th birthday and ostracized from my family since.
    • Was married for 23 years and raised four children.
    • After another 20+ years in mainstream Christianity he reasoned his way to atheism.
    • Executive Director of the Centre for Inquiry Canada in Calgary, Alberta.
    • On the board of directors of Recovering From Religion.
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