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Brian Dalton AKA Mr. Deity

  • Located in Valencia, CA
  • He is a Formon (Former Mormon) and was extremely zealous and knowledgeable about the religion (still knowledgeable, but no longer zealous).
  • He studied religion (Judaism/Christianity), politics, and critical thinking with Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk show Host, Dennis Prager. Where he learned a great deal about Judaism but parted ways after becoming an atheist.
  • Created, writes, produces, directs, shoots, edits, composes the music for, and stars in the Mr. Deity show where he plays God. His Youtube channel can be found here.
  • The Mr. Deity podcast is downloaded 400,000-600,000 times per month, and currently has 46 episodes on topics ranging from "The Problem of Evil" to "Intelligent Design."
  • We now have over 70 episodes, and the Newsletter has turned into another video series simply called, “The Way of the Mister.”
  • He enjoys writing bullet points about himself

Mr. Deity's interest is in concretizing thoughtlessly accepted, abstract religious concepts (as he does with the new newsletter "Mr. Deity and The Way of the Mister"), in order to make people think about what they really believe. He promotes the idea that in order to determine what is good, right, and true, we must use reason, inquiry, and wisdom; whereas Western religion is institutionally at war with not only those concepts but virtually all the great ideas and values which have inspired and informed the great democracies of the West (human rights, liberty, equality, tolerance, justice, knowledge, science, and due process).

In his presentations, Mr. Deity demonstrates how Western religion, if taken seriously and lived devoutly, will make the world a hell on Earth, just as it has in the past and is currently doing in the Islamic world.

He is happy to speak, debate, be part of a panel, etc. He is willing to travel anywhere and speak for as long as needed. He will even perform wedding ceremonies in character. Brian has an extensive background in Western religion (Judaism, Christianity, and Mormonism in particular), and can tailor his presentation to fit just about any skeptic/atheist meeting.

Brian is eager to speak on the following topics:

  • The Dangers of Religion
  • The Value of Atheism and Skepticism
  • Mormonism
  • Leaving Religion and De-Conversion
  • Religion and Humor
  • Writing Effective Bullet Points

Mr. Deity asks for an honorarium. It is $750 if the speaking engagement is local to his area or $1000 for engagements outside his area. However, these are negotiable and he wishes to be as accommodating as possible.

This speaker has special requirements and takes a lot of preparation work to bring in. Only experienced groups should consider bringing him to their campus.

If you're interested in having this speaker come to your school and give a presentation, click here to fill out our online Speaker Request form.

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