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Bobbie Kirkhart

  • Located in Los Angeles, CABobbie Kirkhart ca. 2006
  • Contributing author to The Fundamentals of Extremism: the Christian Right in America
  • Contributing author to Everything You Know About God Is Wrong : The Disinformation Guide to Religion
  • Contributing author to Parenting Beyond Belief
  • Past president, Atheist Alliance International
  • Former Vice President Atheist Alliance of America
  • Board Member, Camp Quest Incorporated
  • Is very proud of receiving the 2013 Freethought Backbone of the Year Award
  • Blogger for "American Studies Journal" describing the atheist experience in the United States to Europeans, among other topics.

Bobbie Kirkhart grew up a very religious child in a devout liberal Protestant family in Enid, Oklahoma. At the University of Oklahoma, she majored in journalism and taught a Sunday school class. During this time, she had her first national publication, and article titled "I Protest: A Santa Claus God," which was in The Christian Herald.

After college, she became a social worker in South Central Los Angeles, serving mostly black and Latina single mothers. In that experience, she saw that her god, if such existed, treated his most loyal servants with contempt. That observation eventually caused her to reevaluate her belief in an omnipotent, omni benevolent god. As she studied other god ideas, the only thing which she found reflected the world as she saw it was atheism. She was not active in freethought until many years later. She joined Atheists United in 1983 and has been an energetic worker in that and other freethought causes since.

On her website, Bobbie explains: "Why Atheism?"

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