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Andy Norman

  • Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Philosophy prof at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Author of the Humanist Network News's "Brainstormin" series
  • Contributor to Free Inquiry magazine

Andy is a humanist activist, a philosopher, and a dynamic presenter. His provocative presentation "Out Your Doubt: Freeing Your Closet Humanist" has thrilled audiences and galvanized a thriving humanist community in Pittsburgh.

Andy is a sought-after speaker who can paint a vivid picture of the moral imperative to dismantle destructive religious ideologies. He can delight and challenge an interfaith crowd, elicit latent humanism, and demonstrate that religious ethics is incoherent. An equal-opportunity critic, Andy can also challenge rationalists and skeptics to rethink their core convictions. He can clarify the natural foundations of ethics, and show why religion was-but no longer is-adaptive.

Andy has published widely on the nature of reason and the teaching of wisdom. He has written books on critical thinking and the structure of dialogue. His work is engaging and challenging, eye-opening and original. He is a skilled facilitator of collaborative inquiry and always delivers an engaging and interactive learning experience.

You can find an example of his work on the AHA website here.

Andy would enjoy speaking on the following topics:

  • Creating and Living Secular Values
  • Out Your Doubt: Freeing Your Closet Humanist
  • The Problem With Faith
  • The Problem With Reason
  • Why We Reason: The Evolutionary Origins of Humanity's Reasoning Faculty
  • Why Religious Ethics is Incoherent
  • On the Moral Imperative to Dismantle Religious Ideologies
  • Religious Ethics: Why it Worked and Why it No Longer Does
  • The Evolutionary Origins of Prosocial Behavior

Andy askes for a $400 honorarium for speaking events.

If you're interested in having this speaker come to your school and give a presentation, click here to fill out our online Speaker Request form.

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