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Andrew Seidel

  • Lives in Madison, WI and loves to travel
  • Bachelor of Science in neuroscience and environmental science, cum laude
  • Juris Doctor, magna cum laude
  • Masters of Law, summa cum laude
  • Andrew has given more than 30 talks at universities and law schools across the country
  • He has given talks and workshops at the last three SSA conferences in Columbus and has debated Bill O'Reilly
  • He frequently writes for FFRF's blog: http://ffrf.org/new/blog
  • FFRF Graduate Student Essay Contest, Second Place 2010
  • Haber J. McCarthy Excellence in Environmental Law Award
  • Outstanding Masters of Law Student, Denver University Law School
  • Forthcoming book on international human rights
  • Attorney, Photographer, Writer, and Former Grand Canyon Tour Guide

Andrew currently works as an attorney at the Freedom From Religion Foundation. His job is to educate the public about non-theism and to ensure that the Establishment Clause of the Constitution is upheld. Each day he works to uphold the separation of state and church, which ensures the freedom for every American, and he loves it.

Hitch said, “you don't so much as become an atheist as find out that's what you are.” Religion has never made sense to me. Andrew didn't have the courage to call myself an atheist until I read the God Delusion during law school. The coincidence of his godless enlightenment and his legal education changed his life. Now his passion is fighting theocracy. 

For more information on Andrew, check out the below links:

Andrew would enjoy speaking on the following topics:

  • Religion and the Law including the separation of state and church; the Establishment Clause; atheist movement lawsuits; and how students can help create substantive legal change
  • Why it's important to challenge every violation of the First Amendment, no matter how small
  • The Christian Nation Myth and the myth that the US was founded on Judeo-Christian principles
    Andrew has researched and written on this topic and can easily shred these claims. He is also currently working on a book on this subject
  • How to find a job in Freethought
    Andrew would love to share the story of finding a job in the movement and what he did right and wrong. This talk can be very benficial to college students, especially those graduating
  • The Horrors of the Ten Commandments
  • Andrew would enjoy debating on topics relating to his field of expertise

If you're interested in having this speaker come to your school and give a presentation, click here to fill out our online Speaker Request form.

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