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Connect online with other secular students across the country!


Are you looking for ways to connect and interact online with other former and current secular students from across the country? This is a list of potential ways for you to do that. If you have suggestions to add to this list, feel free to email us about it.

If you're a PC, Mac, or console gamer, we have a community on Steam for you to find and connect with other secular students and to even play some awesome games. Search for "SSA Gamers" or just click here for our Steam group.

Do you want to find other student leaders from around the country? Check out the SSA LeaderSpace on Facebook! Here, you can ask for questions, offer advice and comments, and more!

"Like" the Secular Student Alliance on Facebook to view and comment on the SSA's posts and interact with other fans.
Do you love Reddit? We have good news then! There is a subreddit just for secular students to interact on at www.reddit.com/r/secularstudents.
Check out the SSA Youtube channel for videos from past SSA conferences as well as from student-run conferences and events. Comment and interact with other secular students while watching great videos.

Follow the SSA on Twitter to to tweet at us and other secular students who follow us!

You can also follow the SSA Student and Leaders twitterfeed to see all the new SSA resources and ideas that we create throughout the year.

Connect with the SSA on Linkedin and find other secular students who are as well.
Subscribe to the SSA Affiliates List on Facebook to follow what other SSA affiliate groups are doing. Their page updates get submitted to this list so you can see what other students across the country are doing every week.
Check out how to set up and run Google Hangouts to interact with other secular students.
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