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Resources and Services For Law Groups


Welcome to the landing page for the Secular Student Alliance's Secular Legal Society (SLS) program. Any student in any American law school can create an SLS group at their campus and affiliate with the national SSA. The SLS program is tailored specifically to the needs of law students, since law programs are often very demanding on time, energy, and money. It was built, in part, from the ground up by law students for law students.

This is the place to find resources and services that are of benefit specifically to law students and their affiliate groups. Of course, law groups have full access to our general services and resources such as hands-on-help, grants, and tabling supplies. Click here to go to the main Resources and Services page.

 Speakers Bureau: We can arrange to have speakers come to your campus and you can even get funding to help pay for their visit. Speakers of special interest to law groups will have a  next to their names.
 Branded Affiliate Program: Change your group's name to "Secular Legal Society at Your Campus" and help support the entire secular student movement.  Plus, you get a free logo and some branded swag we have at the SSA office.
 The SLS Group Running Library: Contains helpful documents on running and maintaining your group. Check it out now!
 Facebook SLS LeaderSpace: This is a space for communicating and interacting with fellow group leaders from around the country. Get and share ideas, comments, and concerns.
 List of Discussion Topics: Having a discussion meeting, but not sure what to talk about?  Try our list of discussion topics - and send yours in to be added to the list!
 Tabling Supplies: We now offer SLS branded banners and Law School affiliates are encouraged to order other tabling supplies that also meet their needs.

Remember, check out the main Resources and Services page to see everything else that we offer to our affiliates.

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