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Secular Student Alliance Affiliate Services & Resources


Our Campus Organizing Team is here to support your group and work hands-on with your group leaders. We offer a considerable amount of support, as detailed below. Contact us at organizer@secularstudents.org or 614-441-9588.

Is your SSA group an affiliate or a chapter? Be sure that you know how to best take advantage of SSA support!

Quick Links


 Campus Organizers:
Our Campus Organizing team can help connect your group to services and resources as well as offer one-on-one help when your group is facing challenges or needs some advice. Our team is happy always to assist your group.  Contact organizer@secularstudents.org for one-on-one help with your campus group or to request any of the services below.
media iconMedia Relations:
We can help your group interact with the media, both local and national, and can help give some pointers and advice on things such as writing press releases, letters to the editor, etc. Click the link for more information!
 Speakers Bureau (and Speaker Funding):
We can arrange to have speakers come to your campus and you can even get funding to help pay for their visit.
 Project Grants:
Funding is available to help students offset the costs of events, projects, speakers and more. We also offer financial assistance for students to attend freethought events all over the country.
 Multi-Speaker Funding:
We offer special funding for large events with multiple speakers. If you are planning a large event, such as a conference, we can help you out.
 Business Cards:
We can print and send you business cards with your group's name and contact information on them.
 Tabling Supplies:
We offer many different types of supplies such as pens, brochures, business cards, banners, and more. One of our most popular offerings is the "What is an Atheist?" brochure, a preview can be found here as well as a link to the order form.
 Email and Web Forwards:
We can create an email address that forwards to your personal address and we can also create a website to link things such as your Facebook group and contact info.
 This Week:
Subscribe to a weekly dose of SSA knowledge, ideas, and experience. We offer a steady stream of event and activity ideas, as well as group leadership assistance and many opportunities for further involvement in the Secular Movement.
 SSA LeaderSpace on Facebook:
Join your fellow student leaders from around the country on Facebook to discuss ideas, share advice, and more. You can also follow the SSA Campus Organizing Team on Twitter for a steady stream of activity ideas, group management help, and more.
 Brag it Up! and Awards for Outstanding Activism:
We love to hear from SSA groups! Share your group's awesome stories, successes, and events with our Team, and you'll even get free swag for doing so. Your group might even win an Award for Outstanding Activism and gain some recognition on our website and in our emails.
 SSA Group Membership:
Your SSA group can submit a group membership roster to us in order to get more involved with the national movement. You'll also get some cool, exclusive, swag for signing up, along with membership cards. SSA student membership also includes discounts for the SSA Annual Conference, eligibility to apply for scholarships, and more.
Film Lending Library:
Request a copy of a movie directly from SSA at no cost, with full viewing rights on your campus! This makes it super easy to screen a great film without risking any issues with your school's movie showing policies.


 SSA Branding Program:
Your group can change your name to "Secular Student Alliance at Your Campus"! Plus, you get a professional logo (which you can customize) and access to special branded swag.
 Group Running Guide:
Our Group Running Guide contains information detailing how to start and maintain your group. We would be happy to send you a physical copy. A downloadable version can be found here as well. We have two versions, customized for new leaders or for experienced leaders.
 The Group Running Library:
Contains lots of resources and guides on starting and maintaining your group, running successful events, and lots of general activity and event ideas. Check it out now!
 The Design Exchange:
Find some great flyer and poster designs that other SSA groups have successfully used and shared!
 Activity Packets:
We have developed a series of Activity Packets to walk your group step-by-step through planning a wide range of events; they're great for new and old groups alike.
 YouTube Channel:
Videos of the presentations from our conferences and leadership summits since 2009, as well as special events held by our affiliates.  We also have our Audio Archives of presentations from before it was easy to record digital video.


 SSA Annual Conference:
This is our largest conference of the year. Its a lot of fun and very exciting, you don't want to miss it!

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