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Service Activity Packets

The SSA strongly encourages its affiliates to engage in community service. Some benefits of engaging in service include:

  • Embodiment of our values through improvement of our world
  • A stronger bond among those who participate in service
  • A deeper understanding of people whose lives may be very far removed from the setting of the academy
  • People outside the organization get a face to associate with our under-represented worldview
  • Networking and community building with other organizations
  • Great opportunities for members to invite a friend or two along to help

Almost all campuses have a student organization in charge of finding worthwhile service projects for other student groups. If you don't already know what group this is on our campus, ask your campus office of student organizations. They will be happy to point you in the right direction.

If your group is still young, exercise some caution during your first few service events. Try to participate in an event where your group is not the whole show. Odds are that at least a couple of people that tell you they will be there are going to bail on you. Make sure that your event doesn't turn into a disaster because of it. If you decide to do a joint service project with another organization, think about co-sponsoring with a religious group. Then you get added social and networking benefits on top of the benefits of volunteering. Another tactic is simply to assign someone from your group to research individual service opportunities and present a short list of them to the group at meetings.

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