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Sample Year

Many groups find it difficult to envision the long-term planning needed to have a successful and active school year. It's hard to know how far in advance to start thinking about certain activities and events, and combing through Activity Packets doesn't necessarily give a good understanding of how to manage and plan activities throughout year.

For that reason, this Sample Year is designed to give you some idea of how to balance planning time for events. Keep in mind that this sample is idealized and fictional - don't think of it as a prescription, or as a minimum standard for success. If your group can do even half of these things this school year, you're pretty awesome!

How to Use The Sample Year

The picture below gives a general overview of the school year. There are some optional activities (like Carl Sagan Day), and some that are necessary for group survival, which are underlined (like group promotion and officer elections). Check out the links below the image for relevant resources.

Sample Year

There are a lot of events on our sample year. Take special note of the things you need to do in order for your group to survive:

There are also several events that happen at specific times of the year, and we provide specific resources to all SSA affiliate groups. You can view a larger variety of event ideas through our Activity Packets resource. The larger events we provide specific resources for are:

    We also think it is important to keep your group balanced, by participating in activities that are part of the Four Focus Areas; Community, Advocacy, Service, and Education:

      And remember to check the Group Running Library or contact us at organizer@secularstudents.org if you run into issues! 

      One of the best resources to find out what works and what doesn't is you - our student leaders! If you've employed a strategy that worked well, let us know about it so other groups can also use that idea. If you've learned a lesson of caution about something we suggest, point out the pitfalls! Email us at organizer@secularstudents.org with your stories and experiences!

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