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The SSA Regional Program


Why regionalize? To keep the national Secular Student Alliance organization effective for individual student groups, it has been necessary to specify the organization into smaller, manageable units. Regionalization offers a simple way for the Secular Student Alliance to do this, and provide more hands on support for our affiliate groups.


What can regionalization do for your group? Regionalizing can provide your group with more on the ground support from the SSA, and open up your group to opportunities such as speaker tours, regional conferences, and leadership retreats. It can also save your group money when you co-host with other student groups in the area! Even if there are no other student groups in your area, regionalization will still positively affect you! The rest of the SSA staff will have more opportunities available to work with your group due to the division of labor offered by the Regional Campus Organizers, who take on the Campus Organizing responsibilities for a designated region.


The positions: There are two positions that make up the crux of the SSA regional program: Volunteer Network Coordinators and Regional Campus Organizers. As mentioned above, Regional Campus Organizers take on the responsibilities of Campus Organizer for a designated region, and can provide hands-on official support to SSA groups in the region. They are SSA paid staffers. Volunteer Network Coordinators are volunteers who promote cooperation between student groups in close proximity, and keep groups in touch with the latest services and opportunities available to SSA affiliates via the operation of a Regional Network. Check out the full SSA Regional Program team!


Volunteer Network Coordinator (VNC)


Horizontal purpose ( affiliates working together)

Operate Regional Networks


Regional Campus Organizer (RCO)

SSA staff

Vertical purpose (national working with affiliates)

Campus Organize for specific regions



Staffed Regions and Regional Networks


Southeast (AL, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN)

Organizer: Cara Zelaya

South Central Region Logo

South Central (TX, OK, AR)



Southwest (CA, NV, AZ)

Organizer: Dan Pemberton

SSA Mideast

Mideast (IL, IN, MI, OH, KY)

Organizer: Jessika Griffin



Southeastern Collegiate Atheist Alliance

Texas Area Secular Student Alliance

Colorado Regional Secular Student Alliance

Mojave Area Secular Student Network

Ohio Secular Student Network

Kansas / Missouri Secular Student Network

Northeast Secular Student Network (PA, NJ, NYC)

California Secular Student Network

Upper Midwest Secular Student Network

New York Secular Student Network

Michigan Secular Student Network

Northwest Secular Student Network (WA, WY, OR, ID, MT)




Interested in starting a network in your area? Contact Gordon Maples (gordon.maplesATsecularstudents.org)


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