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Group Promotion and Media Relations


Quick Links: Recruiting New Members, Retaining Current Members, Event Promotion and Beyond Campus Promotion

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Promotion is the key to a functioning group. Without proper promotion, groups fail to recruit new members and keep current ones interested, and simply fade away (it's really depressing). Many officers shudder at the thought of promotion, but this guide is intended to make promotion as easy as can be. Don't hestitate to contact us at organizer@secularstudents.org if you have questions or need more help promoting your group. 

Recruiting New Members 

Getting Started
Basics tips on the best ways to promote your group.

Tabling is one of the keys to raising awareness on campus about your group. This section will give you additional resources and ideas to make tabling easy. 

Tabling at Activity Fairs
Is it a new semester? Be sure to table at your campus' activity fair - its a great way to recruit new members and interact with new students on your campus!

Flyers and Handouts
Flyers form the nexus of campus promotion. The key is to make your flyers stand out from the masses, hopefully using a few of the tips in this article.

Flyering for a DebateChalking
Are you feeling creative? Chalking is essentially a more expressive form of flyering. Check here for some advice on making the most of your chalking.

Protest Signs
Using creative and appealing signs can make any protest or demonstration an effective recruitment event. Here, you'll find design tips and successful protest sign templates.

Make Buttons
Buttons are a great way to promote your group. Members can dispay them on their book bags, and you can pass them out when tabling.

Campus-unique advertising
Every campus (both high school and college) has a unique set of resources available to advertise. This section provides some different suggestions and tips to make a successful experience. 

Creating a Web Presence
Click here for a great guide on several different options for an online presence.

Overcoming Barriers and Pitfalls
This page will help you connect with various resources for complaints, vandalism, hostile communities, and lack of members.

Group branding
Want to make your group stand out on campus? Or maybe just make it a little more cohesive? This is the resource for you!

Building momentum
Congratulations - you are now an advertising ninja. How do you take your advertising to the next level?

Retaining Current Members 

Do I need to advertise to my members?
Just in case you need a little convincing as to why retention is so important to your group.

Group Communication
Building communication within a group can be tricky, especially if you are the new kids on campus. Luckily, this resource gives you everything you need.

Email 101
Setting up a group email is vital to the professionalism and sustainability of your group. This section will teach you to manage a group email and gives tips on basic email etiquette.

Internal Web Use
What's the difference between a Facebook page and a group? How does GroupSpaces work? How should you keep in touch with your members? Click here to find out!

A Frame Advertising

Promoting Events and Promoting Your Group Beyond Campus

Event Promotion Plan
Looking at planning a Speakers Bureau event, debate, panel, or other big event? Check out our handy step-by-step guide and schedule on just what your group should do to make it as successful as possible!

The Dos and Dont's of Networking
Networking is one of the most useful tools for building your prescence outside campus, but the idea of it makes successful leaders feel like a newbie all over again. Check here for some very useful tips!

Billboard Campaigns
So you want your own billboard? Wondering how to foot the cost? This section will help you plan a billboard from inception to local fame!

Media Relations
As you plan events and start engaging your community, local media will take an interest in you and your group. This guide will help your prepare for the ideal publicity. 

How to Build a Press Release
A comprehensive guide on writing an awesome press release and then how to get it into the wild.

Public Speaking Guide
Are you new to public speaking? Or just looking to further develop your skills? Check out this guide for all kinds of advice and info on the ins and outs on public speaking.

Is there a dead link? Another resource that you're looking for? Shoot us an email at organizer@secularstudents.org

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