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SSA eMpirical No. 17 - The Harvard Conference

What is a Bright?


Well, it might be a member of the MO Brights. The MO Brights (an SSA affiliate at the University of Missouri - Columbia) were recently featured in an article in the Missourian.

A Bright is a person with a naturalistic worldview--you do not need to live in the "Show me" state to be a bright. Indeed, they are all over the world.

Can't make it to the conference? You can still help atheists that weekend!


Educate Boy Scouts of America at the National Constitution Center

First Competitive SSA Board Elections Open


The Secular Student Alliance is a democratic organization. Its membership elects people to two-year terms on the Board of Directors. There are ten people running for seven positions in this year's election.

Voting is done electronically via this website. If you're a member, click here and then click on the "voting" tab to vote--if you aren't logged int, you will be asked to login first. There are links to recover your username and password on that page if you have forgotten them.


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