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Advance our values and build a better secular world


With the current political climate and the blurring of lines between religion and politics, the role of the Secular Student Alliance to support atheist, humanist, and freethinking students is even more important.

Not only must we provide a place for students to feel at home with their non-belief and counter the overwhelming religious presence at many universities, we must also advance our values and build a better, more just, secular world. The Secular Student Alliance is uniquely positioned to foster secular students to become secular activists and future leaders of this country.

By making a donation you help our students develop into activists and leaders.

When I think about the political paradigm in our country in 2017, I just have to shake my head in disbelief. We have a president who in 140 characters almost daily disrespects women, immigrants, and non-Christians, denies logic and facts from our intelligence agencies and scientists; and claims to be Christian.

We have Betsy DeVos, theUS secretary of education, who often talks about her lifelong dedication to building "God's kingdom" through education. She:

  • has promoted that intelligent design should be taught in schools
  • has declined to provide even one example of any kind of discrimination that might preclude a school from receiving federal funding
  • would not confirm her support for the idea that colleges and universities must combat sexual assault on campuses, and
  • would not commit the federal government to taking measures to ensure that students with disabilities are protected and provided access to quality education.

All of this directly affects every single student in the Secular Student Alliance, and every student in every school system throughout the country.

Through talking directly with many students, I know what they are going through on their campuses: feeling isolated; being harassed by other students; being rejected by their families; and even receiving death threats.

I need your help. You can help the SSA create welcoming communities for secular students across the country, stand up to far-right religious dogma, and allow our students to impact their communities and spread secular values. Please take a moment now and donate to help students in communities across the nation.

But let's be clear: There have been many recent social advancements, but they are by no means secure from attack. This generation of students is the first to live in a world with the security and confidence to

  • treat all humans as equal
  • acknowledge and stand up to institutionalized sexism, racism and homophobia
  • practice whatever religion they want---or none at all
  • know that we have one world---that we had better take care of---and one life---that we had better make the most of.

These freedoms are hard-won, and we must remain vigilant and make sure we keep them. The people who want to impose their religious views on our society are the same people who use those religious beliefs to justify sexism, racism, transphobia, and discrimination. Many in the religious community are the main opponents of the secular movement, as they are opponents of other progressive movements. We share common adversaries, and we need to have each other's backs if we want a more equal and secular world.

If you share in the mission and vision of the Secular Student Alliance, I need your support. Please donate today and help make sure that our organization can continue to support our students and in their efforts to build a better world.

Kevin Bolling
Executive Director
Secular Student Alliance

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