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Science makes America great


The March for Science is this weekend, and I'm hyped!

I'll be attending our local march here Columbus. I've heard from dozens of SSA members and supporters, and I'm happy to say we have participants across the country, including at the flagship march in DC.

I wanted to take a moment and share why I believe the March is so important.

In a Religion News Service op-ed published today, I write:

Despite its unifying potential, some scientists have pushed back against the march, arguing that science is too pure to become political. Other scientists, like astrophysicist Adam Frank, have reluctantly decided to participate in the march, even though he'd rather be “figuring out what's wrong with that vacuum pump on the ion-trap.”

In writing about what he'd rather be doing than marching, he suggests most scientists see communicating with the public as an afterthought. We all lose out because of this.

The real power of science is in allowing all of us to communicate about our world more accurately. And that dialogue must begin with a connection between the public and the scientific community.

Take a moment to read my full op-ed in RNS, and if you share my love of science, please share it with your friends and family.

I hope you'll join me in attending your local March this weekend. Check out the March for Science website for details about your local event.

Because the real power of science is to create common ground among us all.


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