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Our collective voice for a just secular world


In the last two weeks Secular Student Alliance supporters have sent 250 emails to Betsy DeVos and the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights opposing the rollback of protections for trans students!

If you sent a letter, THANK YOU! (If not there is still time!)

Of course, we won’t stop religiously motivated attacks on students with one campaign and a couple hundred letters. But we are making our voices heard, and we must keep doing so.

Because if we don’t fight for secular schools, who will? You can be sure that religious fundamentalists make their voices heard. Our job is to make it clear there are other voices and points of view in these fights. We need to prove to decision makers that we exist and that we won’t be silent while a rabid few try to bring us back to the Dark Ages.

We’re going to keep asking you to send letters, sign petitions, and speak out. We also need you to donate so we can keep this work going.

We’re funded by our supporters - that means you! When you make a donation, you allow us to keep running campaigns, supporting campus groups, and building the next generation of secular leaders.

Unfortunately there are many more fights to come. Fund us so we can be ready to respond.

So please, give today.

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