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It wasn’t about drinking fountains then and it’s not about bathrooms now.


We all knew the attacks on our education system were coming. One of those attacks has happened.

In one of his first education-related acts, President Trump rescinded the federal guidance clarifying that Title IX non-discrimination protections apply to gender identity.

This is a serious assault on students, and we can’t stay quiet. That’s why we’ve partnered with the National LGBTQ Task Force to ask everyone to write a letter to the Department of Education, opposing this decision.

Forcing students to use the wrong facilities can cause serious harm. Trans and gender-nonconforming students are regularly harassed, and are the targets of discrimination and sometimes violence. Suicide rates among transgender youth may be ten times as high as among youth in general, and dozens of transgender people are killed every year just for being themselves.

We believe every student deserves the respect and dignity of using restrooms and locker facilities that match their gender identity.

We must act to prevent this rolling-back of non-discrimination protections.

Take Action

More than just an issue that affects students and our members, we believe that fighting for trans rights goes to our core values of civic engagement, cooperation, inclusion, and humanist ideals.

Let us also be clear about who is leading this crusade. The Religious Right continues to try to hijack the government to regulate all our lives according to their own version of reality. A version of reality that ignores the wonderful complexity of the human experience, and continues to ignore modern science, gender theory, and the general progress of humankind.

This is a situation where a fervently held set of incorrect beliefs is driving a great deal of misery.

Join SSA and The Task Force in this fight: Click here to send an email to the Department of Education and voice your concerns.

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