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SSA eMpirical No. 18 - It's Spring, We Think

Secular Student eMpirical

In this issue:

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Secular shorts:
Keep an eye on the conference at TheNewHumanism.org.
Thoughts on what to wear at Harvard.

The Friendly Atheist has been busy! Read up at FriendlyAtheist.com.
Kurt Vonnegut, novelist and former honorary president of the AHA, died this past week. Read more.
The Speakers Bureau page has been updated. Check it out and see if we can bring a speaker to your campus!

Two new books with SSA authors just came out:

I Sold My Soul on eBay

Parenting Beyond Belief

Read all about them.
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eMpirical Team

Elizabeth R.A. Liddell

Editors: Campus Organizer, August E. Brunsman IV, Nic Hall, Hemant Mehta, Jessica Sharon


Well, it's past March 21, which technically means that we call the season "spring." And it was nice, for a week. Then the weather took a turn for the south, and it seems like it can't really decide what it wants to do. Typical for the season, really.

Much like the weather, our issue of the eMpirical is all over the map. We've got a little of everything: an essay, some analysis of current issues, some new opportunities, some news. Take your pick! If you don't like it, wait an hour and it'll change! Or maybe that's the weather...

Keep your eyes open for news about the New Humanism conference this weekend. If you're coming, we look forward to meeting you there!

SSA Now Housed in Humanist Center

August and Alison at IHS

The Secular Student Alliance has recently relocated from Columbus, Ohio to Albany, New York. And what would precipitate such an eastward migration? The answer is the Institute for Humanist Studies


Conference Registration Deadline April, 18 2007

We understand this is soon. Register now.

SSA Seeking Summer Interns

Downtown Albany

We are looking for two or three college interns for this summer. These positions have a $200/week stipend.


Congratulations to New Board of Directors Members!

Becky RobinsonAndy Buttler
Jacquie KuzmaMary Ellen Sikes

The votes are in from the recent election, and we are excited to announce four new members of the SSA Board of Directors. Let's welcome and congratulate Becky Robinson, Andy Buttler, Jacquie Kuzma, and Mary Ellen Sikes. Hemant Mehta and Maggie Ardiente were reelected.


Condolence and Caution - A Secular Response to the Tragedy at Virginia Tech

Burruss Hall at VTWe at the Secular Student Alliance are deeply saddened by the events at Virginia Tech on Monday. We received an email today asking for a secular perspective on what happened, and given our mission to serve students and student communities, we think it is important to offer our response.


Much Ado About Tactics


In the last few days I've received emails from people saying "finally, atheists who are interested in building up, not only tearing down," and I've received emails from folks who feel betrayed by Epstein--they think he has joined the ranks of the faithful who dismiss atheists as bigots for suggesting that faith is not actually a road to knowledge.


Help A Young Secular Historian Shed Light on the Origins of Christianity

IHSWho were the Gnostics and what happened to them? Where did their ideas stem from? Were the first Christians a branch of Gnostics? How did they influence the early Christian world and later Orthodoxy? These are just some of the questions Rook Hawkins addresses in his upcoming book, Discovering the Gnostics: A Look at the Evolution of Mystery Cults in the Early Christian World.


From "Doubter" to Atheist Activist


Becky Robinson, founder of the UTA Freethinkers, wrote this essay for the American Atheists' Scholarship Competition. We think it's a great story of a freethinker's journey and are happy to share it with you here.


The Blasphemy Challenge and the Media


Late last year, the Rational Response Squad, an online atheist group headed up by Brian Sapient, launched a project called The Blasphemy Challenge: make a YouTube video of yourself denying the existence of the Holy Spirit, and you get a free copy of Brian Flemming's DVD The God Who Wasn't There. I browsed the media coverage, and created a sampling of several big media sources and a couple small ones, to give something of an idea of what actually happened.


OpenCourseWare Lets you Share MIT Course Material


Most of the bridges in Boston are measured in feet. The new Zakim bridge on the Charles River, for instance, runs 1,432 feet long. But what about that one bridge measured in Smoots?


Humanist YouTube Video Contest

Camera Man

The American Humanist Association, EvolveFISH, and Rational Responders have teamed up to bring the positive message of Humanism to YouTube! And you're just the person to help make it happen. Express a positive vision of Humanism and win $500!


Atheist Blood Drives Urged on National Day of Prayer

Atheist Blood Drive

The Rational Response Squad, the Center for Atheism and many other atheist/agnostic/freethought groups are organizing blood drives on the National Day of Prayer.


Letter to the Editor - I'm actually with the "militant" "fundamentalist" atheists.

Little fists

eMpricial reader Catherine Weaver let's us know what she thinks. What do you think? Tell us at enews@secularstudents.org


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For more information, visit secularstudents.org.

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