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SSA eMpirical No. 17.5 - The Harvard Conference Addendum

Secular Student eMpirical
Sorry, we couldn't get everything fit into the last one! We don't plan to make a habit out of this.

In this issue:

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Secular shorts:
Still The Official Conference Website: TheNewHumanism.org
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eNews Team

Editor In Chief: Lyz Liddell

Editors: Campus Organizer, August E. Brunsman IV, Nic Hall, Hemant Mehta, Jessica Sharon


We know everyone these days is just dying for more e-mail. Well, at the SSA we're nothing if not helpful!

Seriously though, in our defense, we kept it short (sort of).

Come on, you know you're the best!

winner's cup
The SSA exists to support the awesome projects of campus groups. Since 2004, we've used our "Best Awards" to celebrate some of these projects at our annual conference. The application deadline is March 20th.

Let us know why you're group is the best...

Conference Travel Grant Deadline TODAY!

tick tock
The was so much demand for the travel grants that we doubled the pool of money from $5,000 to $10,000. That said, the deadline is still today.

Don't miss it!

Boss Around Two Dozen Humanist Lawyers!


Well, sort of. The American Humanist Association is hiring a Legal and Grassroots Coordinator for its Appignani Humanist Legal Center. They want you to apply!

Learn more...

Go Vote!


We're having our first competitive election for our Board of Directors. The polls close tonight at 11:59 p.m.

Vote it up, yum!

Atheist High Schoolers Wanted for "Interfaith" Dialog

We're fairly sure that we wouldn't have picked the name "interfaith," but that said the Interfaith Alliance seems very interested in making sure people without faith are included in the dialogs they try to create. Specifically they have created a program called "Leadership Education Advancing Democracy & Diversity" (or LEADD if you're into acronyms).

LEADD is a summer camp program in Maryland, August 5-12 that brings together "rising sophomores and juniors" from many different faith backgrounds. It costs $250, but scholarships are available. Interfaith specifically contacted us looking for atheist/agnostic/humanist youth for the program. If you go, let us know. We'd love to have you do a write-up for the eMpirical.

P.S. If LEADD doesn't work out for you, you might want to try Camp Quest:
Ohio June 16-23
Minnesota August 12-19
Michigan August 5-12
West July 8-15
Ontario 2007 dates TBA
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