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Can't make it to the conference? You can still help atheists that weekend!


Educate Boy Scouts of America at the National Constitution Center

Margaret Downey is the president of Atheist Alliance International and the head of the Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia. We are delighted to pass along this opportunity for action from her.

The National Constitution Center (NCC) is hosting a "Scout Day" to honor the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). NCC is setting up special badge earning tables in the grand rotunda and will be catering to the needs of Scout Masters and their troops. Scouts will be able to earn badges courtesy of NCC.

I called NCC to ask if I could set up a Scouting For All table where Scouts and Scout Masters can earn a "Diversity and Tolerance" badge. I explained that we are concerned about the fact that BSA excludes atheists and gays. I pointed out that BSA's bigoted membership policy is in violation of Philadelphia's anti-discrimination statutes.

The Center was not concerned about the issue and rejected my request. Scouting For All and the Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia will set up a "Diversity Table" at the Free Speech area in front of the NCC (right side of the building) on Saturday, April 21, 2007 during the Scout Day event (9 AM-5 PM).

I am looking for volunteers to staff the table, convey our concerns to anyone who stops to chat and to show that we are not people to fear.

Margaret Downey downey1@downey1.cnc.net

To reach NCC:

The National Constitution Center
525 Arch St.
Independence Mall
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19106

Phone: 215.409.6600

By the way, this is the same weekend as The New Humanism conference in Boston. But we understand that not everyone can make it.

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