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Volunteers Needed for Freethinking Teen Website


This article originally appeared in the SSA eMpirical No. 17 - The Harvard Conference.


The Rational Response Squad is sponsoring and overseeing a website within its community designed to be a haven for teens. Freethinkingteens.com is run by teens for teens. Freethinking teens in our society often have a rough time as they are bombarded by theism from all angles. Many secular teenagers feel alone, or as if they are second-class citizens. The haven of freethinkingteens.com was designed as an outlet for such youth to communicate with one another.

With plans to work closely with the SSA, freethinkingteens.com would like to bring a few dedicated college students (or slightly older) on board as a moderator staff to offer wisdom and, more specifically, ideas on how to organize SSA groups in their schools. Teens already have a hard time getting groups going, and need ideas as to how to get school approval or what to do with their group once they have approval.

If you'd be interested in helping these teens, and visiting the message board community for at least several hours per week, please contact Brian Sapient at infidelsapient@comcast.net after creating an account at Freethinkingteens.com. While the Rational Response Squad remains heavily focused on blunt discourse as to the ridiculous claims of religion, freethinkingteens.com doesn't have to have the same agenda; however, the perfect helper will be completely accepting of blunt tactics of the RRS like the Blasphemy Challenge.

To hear Sapient speak with SSA's Senior Campus Organizer, download their conversation here.

This article originally appeared in the SSA eMpirical No. 17 - The Harvard Conference.

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