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Campus Training Tour - Ohio


Duncan CraryDuncan Crary, Director of Communications for the Institute for Humanist Studies, is speaking to several SSA affiliate groups about obtaining media coverage. Specifically, he is teaching our campus freethought groups in Ohio how to successfully advertise for the arrival of the 'eBay Atheist ' Hemant Mehta. Duncan's presentation covers how to alert the media to your groups activities, and also how to speak with the media when they show up to your event! He gives sage advice on everything from how to get an editor interested in your press release, to how to handle a news reporter who may want to make your atheist group look bad.

As a member of the SSA's Speakers Bureau , Duncan is available to give this informative presentation to your group! Please contact Senior Campus Organizer to set this up. Don't forget to do your homework before he arrives, and read his short piece on how to do PR With a Secular Spin.

Duncan will be presenting at the Activist Training we will be running as part of our annual conference (April 20-22), held jointly with the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard. Apply for a travel grant today.

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