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SSA eMpirical No. 16 - Student Voice, Part II

Secular Student eNews

In this issue:

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Secular shorts:
Join the Friendly Atheist in at his blog as he talks about Carl Sagan's legacy, interviews the creator of the Blasphemy Challenge, and much more!
The SSA's Annual Conference, held in cooperation with Harvard's Humanist Chaplaincy, is coming up this April! Find more information here. Official registration forms are coming soon!

The Secular Student Alliance's Executive Director has just set up shop at the Institute for Humanist Studies' Humanist Center in Albany, NY. IHS has donated office space to SSA--thanks IHS! (more details in next month's eMpirical)
Darwin Day is right around the corner. Don't miss our suggestions for having your best Darwin Day yet.
Do you have a story about atheists on Facebook? Help us put them together - send it to reed.freethinkers@gmail.com
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eNews Team

Editor In Chief: Lyz Liddell

Editors: Campus Organizer, August E. Brunsman IV, Nic Hall, Hemant Mehta, Jessica Sharon


This is the second of two very special installments of the SSA eMpirical. Senior Campus Organizer conducts interviews with many of the SSA's affiliate groups to find out what our groups around the world are up to, what they need a little help with, and how they are received on their respective campuses. The interviews are specific to each group and so we find out things such as how the University of Virginia Atheists and Agnostics were able to pull things together so quickly for Richard Dawkins' impromptu visit, and how University of Minnesota's Campus Atheists and Secullar Humanists have been able to maintain such a long and successful history.

The opportunity to participate in these interviews and to have the news of their groups published was open to all SSA groups. Response was so enthusiastic that we brought you two eMpirical editions featuring them, both replete with news directly from our secular students.

CASH ca. 2006

Campus Atheists and Secular Humanists at the University of Minnesota is in its 15th year as an organization, making it one of the oldest secular student organizations affiliated with the SSA. Andy Buttler and Wendy Lyman, two members of the group's executive board, team up on this student voice interview to share some of the experience and advice they've garnered over the years.


Student Voice Interview - University of North Texas

The University of North Texas has a new freethought group, and they're hitting the ground running! The groups first apperance was at a Spiritual Showcase, where they were the lone organization representing religious progressives and the non-religious. Read about how these secular students are reaching out to cooperate with other freethought groups in Texas, and moving ahead with their group.


Student Voice Interview - University of Toronto

Learn how the Toronto Secular Alliance has teamed up with the Humanist Association of Toronto to open the Secular Freethought Centre. Together this student and local group have established the first atheist/humanist/freethinker drop-in community center in Canada. And this is just one of many projects they've been working on!


Student Voice Interview - University of Texas at Arlington

What happens when a freethinking group takes a field trip to a fundamentalist Christian Hell House? The University of Texas-Arlington takes a group of 14 secular students to this prostyletizing house, as one of many activities in their first active year. Group president, Rebecca L. Usher shares some of her group's experiences.


Student Voice Interview - University of Virginia

What do you do when Richard Dawkins shows up unexpectedly on your university's doorstep? And how do you plan for next year when most of your group is set to graduate in the spring? These are all questions that Isaah Vincent, Activities Chair of the Virginia Atheists & Agnostics effectively answers.


Introducing the Affiliates - Michigan Chapter of the Secular Student Alliance

Each year, a small number of youth are brave enough to create SSA affiliates on their campuses. Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Patrick Julius, the founder and President of the Secular Student Alliance at the University of Michigan.


Julia Sweeney: A New Voice for Humanism is Heard at Harvard

Julia Sweeney, a former Saturday Night Live star, is one of the nation's up-and-coming Humanist voices. She recently appeared for a highly successful performance at Harvard University. This article was written by Julie Duncan, a member of the Harvard Secular Society , and Harvard undergraduate.


Freethought Books to Prisoners

One year ago, I hadn't the slightest clue how to put together a service project. What started off as an earnest desire to inspire inmates soon transformed itself into something that exceeded all expectations. Since freethought literature has matured my worldview, I desired to serve the community through my commitment to free inquiry and humanist principles. Why doesn't our group collect Freethought books for prisoners?


SSA Executive Director August Brunsman Wins Apex Award

Our own August E. Brunsman IV was given the 2006 Apex Award for Distinguished Service by the Humanist Community of Central Ohio.


American Atheists Scholarship Competition

American Atheists is offering two scholarships for Atheist activists. Find more information and apply at

Discussion Board Moderators Needed for New Secular Parenting Website

parenting cover
Help us plant a secular flag on Mt. Family Values! We are looking for volunteer discussion board moderator(s) for a new secular parenting website.

Student Job Opportunity with Skeptic Magazine

The Skeptic Society and Skeptic magazine, which hosts the monthly public science lecture series at Caltech, has work for one or two (and possibly more) students on a flexible part-time schedule.
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For more information, visit secularstudents.org.

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