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Getting Ready for Darwin Day 2007

Happy Birthday Darwin!Having trouble with ideas on how to make Darwin feel like he's celebrating his 21st all over again? Here are six ideas to get you started on your path to the best Darwin Day celebration yet:

• Make it a tabling event. Give out free birthday cake-make sure to write 'Happy Birthday Charles' to gain attention, and hand out bookmarks with Darwin quotes, bumper stickers for your group, a handout of your groups meeting room day and time, and have a sign-up sheet ready for email addresses. Is there a pressing evolution education issue in your area? Have ready made cards for students to sign addressed to your representatives at the table as well. Need help paying for stamps, bumper stickers and such? Apply for SSA project grant today (hint: you can apply for an SSA project grant for any of these ideas).

• What's in that 2%?' Hold an event where biology profs. detail the genetic difference bound up in the 2% genetic discrepancy between us and our jungle-dwelling primate friends. Regardless of the specific topic, odds are there are scores of professors at your school that would love to talk about how natural selection interacts with their work.

• Take a field trip to your local natural history or science museum. This idea courtesy of Janice of the Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia.

• Have an 'Evolution v. Intelligent Design' debate. Perhaps the debaters could be coaxed into dressing the part-the evolutionist adorns the Darwin beard (and party hat of course) while the ID'er dresses like this guy, or maybe like the panda from 'Of Pandas and People.'

• Hold a reading of 'The Origin of Species.' It's a dense text, so best to have a biology prof. help with this one-but light some candles, eat some B-day cup cakes and listen to excerpts from one of the most important books in history.

• Raise some funds! Hold a soul auction where beard clad secularist's auction themselves off to the highest bidder.

• Have a viewing of 'Inherit the Wind' the flick covering the Scopes Monkey Trial (the classic evolution v. creation education debate). For more ideas-send an inquiry here. However you celebrate, be sure to add your event to the official list provided by Darwinday.org.

• How about getting your local museum or university to sponsor a showing of 'Flock of Dodos'? This idea from Lisa of the New Jersey Humanist Network.

For more ideas, send inquiries here.

However you celebrate, be sure to add your event to the official event list provided by our friends at Darwinday.org. If you let them know about your event soon, they can send you brochures and other goodies to hand out at your event. You are also welcome to print and hand out this "5 W's of Darwin Day" (PDF) flyer at whatever event you hold.

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