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Get Out of the Closet!

The Rational Response Squad is sponsoring the "Blasphemy Challenge"-- to get young people to say out loud that they are atheists! To participate, students can upload movies to YouTube, declaring their atheism while saying, "I deny the Holy Spirit." All participants will get a copy of the movie The God Who Wasn't There! More information can be found here. More than 160 people have already participated. Want to watch examples of what they have said? Go right ahead. This raises an interesting point: Why are we denying the Holy Spirit? That makes about as much sense logically as saying, "I deny the invisible pink unicorn." So let's Rationally Respond. (More after the jump) It might be fun to see some videos denying the Holy Spirit (for the sake of the "Blasphemy Challenge") while at the same time explaining the inherent flaw in denying something that isn't there... And if you do that, we'd love to hear about it!
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