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SSA eMpirical No. 15 - Student Voice, Part I

Secular Student eNews

In this issue:

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Secular shorts:
Atheists make Broadway! Or, at least, one atheist is, in a one-man drama entitled "The Atheist," now playing on Center Stage in New York. Read a review at The New York Times.
Daniel Morgan, president of the University of Florida's freethought group, appeared in a Fox News debate over a six-ton monument of the Ten Commandments in a local city. Read a news article or his blog.
Check out The Friendly Atheist for news, articles, commentary and more.
Who is the highest level nontheist currently holding elected public office in the US? Fill out the form at the Secular Coalition for America and win $1,000!
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This is one of two very special installments of the SSA eMpirical. What's that - what happened to the eNews? We're still here, we just have a new name, courtesy of Nic Hall, one of our board members! You can read about his choice in this issue.

Back to business. Here in this issue of the eMpirical, we bring you news directly from our affiliate groups. Campus Organizer  conducts interviews with many of the SSA's affiliate groups to find out what our groups around the world are up to, what they need a little help with, and how they are received on their respective campuses. The interviews are specific to each group and so we find out things such as how Reed College overcame discrimination through philanthropy, and how Texas State gets the funds to put on their impressive schedule of presentations and panels.

The opportunity to participate in these interviews and to have the news of their groups published was open to all SSA students. Response was so enthusiastic and overwhelming that we are bringing you two eMpriical editions featuring them, both replete with news directly from our secular students.

The SSA eNews Renamed: The SSA eMpirical

Nic Hall, one of the SSA Board Members, came up with the new name for our publication: the SSA eMpirical. In this essay, he explains the "science and reason" behind his choice through exploration of the term itself.


Student Voice Interview: Chula Vista High School

Campus Organizer for the SSA, interviews not only one of our newest groups, but also one of our youngest - the freethinking group of Chula Vista High School in California. They share some of the struggles of running a group at the high school level, as well as some of their successes so far!


Student Voice Interview: Texas State

Who knew that selling popsicles could be an effective fundraiser? The Freethinkers Society of Texas State, that's who! This enterprising group has had great success with both their creative fundraisers and their many discussions and panels. In this interview, they tell us about their experiences.


Student Voice Interview: UW-Madison

Madison, Wisconsin - liberal, but still in need of a student organization devoted to Atheists, Freethinkers & Agnostics (FFRF has the adult population covered). This group talks about the religious climate of their state, and sets the stage for their upcoming talk with Free Inquiry's editor Tom Flynn.


Student Voice Interview: Reed Secular Alliance

The Secular Alliance at Reed University speaks out about its events, its struggles, and its successes in this interview. Who would have thought that they could be attacked for being too intelligent in their original name?


San Antonio AFA Discusses More than Just Religion

Atheists, Freethinkers and Agnostics in Texas challenge the norm and outdated laws! This independent article covers San Antonio College's recent open forum discussion on religion and the lack thereof.


The SSA & Darwin Day Celebrations

Dr. Robert "Bob" Stephens initiated the first Darwin Day celebration in 1995 at Stanford University, and since then has worked to spread the idea of celebrating Science and Humanity. Here, he encourages students and freethinkers around the world to plan their own Darwin Day celebrations and gives a host of resources to do so.


Sweet Reason: How Can I Discourage People Who Proselytize Me?

Sweet Reason
What do you do if you're a "fundamentalist magnet" in need of some confrontational confidence? An advice column by Molleen Matsumura, "Sweet Reason" deals with life-concerns and problems involving Humanism, secularism and the nonreligious individual.


Book Review - John W. Loftus: Why I Rejected Christianity

Why I Rejected Christianity
John W. Loftus' book Why I Rejected Christianity, is, much like Dan Barker's Losing Faith in Faith before it, a combination of personal testimonial and critical examination of the tenets of Christianity. Unlike Losing Faith in Faith, its author is not just a former minister but also a former apologist who studied under William Lane Craig.

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