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Humanists of Florida hiring Executive Director

The Humanists of Florida Association (www.floridahumanist.org), the largest state association of Humanists in America, is seeking a full time Executive Director to help us further grow our organization.

Humanists of Florida Association (HFA) is a statewide association of groups and individuals that promotes freedom and democracy by supporting programs and projects that inspire people to create a more compassionate society. Its focal issues are Democracy, Science, Education and Community.

Applicants should possess excellent communication and organizational skills and be experienced in fundraising and membership development. They should be energetic and hold a dynamic vision of Humanism that will help us capitalize on the opportunities we now have to put our reason and compassion into action.

Salary Range:

$40,000 to $42,500

How to Apply:

Send resume, cover letter and three references, via e-mail or snail mail to:

Humanists of Florida Association
This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
PO Box 1227
Bradenton FL 34206-1227

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