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Southern California Campus Organizer covered by LA Daily News


The LA Daily News ran a piece on 11/11/2006 about the "a push by agnostics, brights, free-thinkers, humanists and skeptics - a group commonly referred to as atheists - to increase visibility and improve public relations." The piece also ran in the Daily Bulletin, with a picture. Ryan Langely, the Secular Student Alliance's Southern California Campus Organizer was featured prominently in the article. Ryan has been working for the SSA since August of 2006 thanks to a generous grant from Atheists United. The Institute for Humanist Studies also provides support for the Secular Student Alliance's campus outreach program in general.

The piece, in addition to quotes from Atheists United Co-president Stuart Bechman, also features quotes from Lori Lipman Brown, the Director of the Secular Coalition for America. The Secular Coalition for America is a project of seven nontheistic educational organizations, one of which is the Secular Student Alliance.

The article ends without any success for Ryan. However, we're proud to announce that just last week the Bruin Alliance of Skeptics & Secularists affiliated with the Secular Student Alliance thanks to Ryan's outreach.

Keep up the good work, Ryan!

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