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Save the Dates: April 19-22, 2007 for SSA & Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard Joint Conference


HCH The Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard has graciously invited the Secular Student Alliance to hold its annual conference as part of the Chaplaincy's 30th anniversary gala and symposium in April of 2007. The main body of the Chaplaincy event will occur April 20th and 21st on the Harvard Campus. The Secular Student Alliance will be running an activist training program on the 20th and having a reception on the night of the 19th. There are also likely to be additional activist training events on Sunday the 22nd.

The speakers list is still being developed, but just a few of the names already on the list are:

Salman Rushdie
Amartya Sen
E.O. Wilson
Steven Pinker
Humanist Philanthropist Louis Appignani
Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine
Lori Lipman Brown, Director, Secular Coalition for America
Ambassador John L. Loeb Jr.
Ambassador Carl Coon

More details, housing information and a registration page should be available soon. As has been the case for our last several conferences, the Secular Student Alliance will be offering travel grants to students wishing to attend the event. The application for these should be up within the next few weeks. We would like to thank the Roxbury Foundation for supporting our travel fund this year.

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