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SSA eNews No. 12 - Secular Summer Fun!

Secular Student eNews

In this issue:

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Secular shorts:
Have you found yourself the subject of discrimination based upon your nontheist beliefs? The Anti-Discrimination Support Network wants your report. Take just a few minutes to fill one out. You can find the form at www.fsgp.org
Norcross, GA 14-Oct-2003
Leo Wells, founder & CEO of Wells Investment Services says "atheism" is grounds for dismissal, in violation of civil rights laws. Read more reports at www.fsgp.org
Fundamentalist televangelist Pat Robertson says "the recent weeks are making a convert out of me." This in regards to his newfound acceptance that Global Warming is a real phenomenon caused by human actions. We're making progress!

Try your hand at the SSA's very own Crossword Puzzle!
1 Down: Annoying dog and Darwin's vessel...
SSA chair Hemant Mehta writes about atheist issues on his blog, the Friendly Atheist. User comments are welcome and suggestions are always appreciated. Visit the site at www.friendlyatheist.com.
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School's out for summer - and (dare we say it?) those hot days just might be getting a little long and boring! This issue of our eNews is dedicated to these warm months devoid of final exams, mysterious campus food, and early morning classes. It is important for activist students to stay active even over this educational hiatus. This issue of the eNews covers secular summer activities, updates from vacationing secular students, and a helpful reading list now that you can devote time to a book that's not on a required reading roster.

Welcome Secular Coalition for America Members!

Secular Coalition for America
A warm welcome to our new members from the Secular Coalition for America, from the volunteers and staff of the Secular Student Alliance!

Edwin Kagin
The following remarks to the Campers and Staff of Camp Quest were given by Edwin Kagin, Camp Director, on August 11, 1996, the historic first night of the first year of Camp Quest, the nation's first residential secular humanist summer camp. This speech can be read in its entirety in Edwin Kagin's book Baubles of Blasphemy.

Freethought Summer Reading List

Now that you're not reading piles of literature and textbooks for school, how about a little reading you've chosen for yourself?

Lake Hypatia: The Freethought Advance

Where can you find an understandable lecture on the Theory of Relativity, a softball game between atheists and agnostics, and several real, gigantic snakes? Only at Lake Hypatia, the Freethought Advance!

Take a Free Summer Class - COHE Teaches Humanism on the Web

The Continuum of Humanist Education (COHE) is the internet's first website offering interactive courses in humanist thought. Campus Organizer for the SSA, interviews Tim Gordinier, formerly of the IHS, about COHE.

Secular Summer Love

Picnics in the park, walks on the beach, candlelight dinners outdoors under the bright moon. Isn't summer romance great? But usually it's not that easy. Especially when your religious beliefs are somewhat against the grain.

SSA Goes Global on Facebook

Leslie Zukor, leader of the Reed College Freethinkers, has started a Secular Student Alliance group on facebook.com. The group, which is titled "SSA," has more than 600 members from campuses across the country, and is an ideal spot for freethought networking.

I Am Married to a Catholic Woman (and We Get Along Just Fine)

Recently, the SSA eNews published an article by Dalton Alache Vasquez, where he discussed how conflicts between his atheism and his wife's Catholicism ultimately led to the end of their marriage. Dalton ended by advising readers to look for a mate with similar religious beliefs. This article by Eric Last shows a somewhat different perspective.

Toward Global Harmony: An Invigorating Look at Humanism in Canada

What was the highlight of my summer, you may ask? Was it the months of much-needed rest after the arduous semester? Or the weeklong women's leadership conference I attended in Portland, Oregon? For as much as I have enjoyed the aforementioned activities, they pale in comparison to the intellectual stimulation I received at the annual Humanist Association of Canada (HAC) conference.

SSA Attends International Atheist Convention in Reykjavik, Iceland

Recently, Bri Kneisley and Hemant Mehta won a scholarship from the Freedom From Religion Foundation to attend the International Atheist Convention in Reykjavik, Iceland, courtesy of an anonymous benefactor. The picture shows Bri (left), Julia Sweeney and daughter Mulan (center), and Hemant (right). The following is a report on their trip.

Portrait of Achievement Magazine Wants Submissions!

Now is the time to tell the story of how you led your student group to be successful with the help of SSA! Portrait of Achievement Magazine is seeking interviews with youth across America who have accomplished extraordinary things in particular realms (academics, sports, community service, entrepreneurship, etc.) or overcome extraordinary hurdles.

Bioethics: New Technology, New Ethical Concerns, New Opportunities for Religious Infringement


Campus Organizer starts us thinking about the easily-abused questions that naturally arise in the contentious field of thought known as Bioethics.

Help Us Rename the eNews!

The electronic news publication of the Secular Student Alliance is called the eNews...not so creative. It's time to shake things up a bit. It's time to change our name.

The Secular Student Alliance Logo

For more information, visit secularstudents.org.

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