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Can You Beat The SSA Crossword?

Click on the Attachment to input your answers!

Here is a peek at the questions:

3. Acronym for U. Illinios-Chicago affiliate
6. Busy writing freethought folk and petitioning church/state separation in the courts
8. Annual Freedom From Religion Foundation summer event locale
9. Abbreviation for a non-profit aimed at secular youth
11. Southern 'Best Award' winning affiliate
12. 2006 'Humanist of the Year'
13. Abbreviation for home of last SSA annual conference
15. Month of Darwin's birthday
16. Most of SSA's international affiliates are on this continent
17. American Humanist Association Executive Director

1. Annoying dog and Darwin's vessel
2. We're a 501 c_
4. Author of 'The Selfish Gene'
5. Secular lobbying organization of America (only plural)
7. Wagering faith in God
10. Surname is a fruit-Rejuvenates the Freethought Movement
14. Affiliate in Minnesota applying for non-profit status

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