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SSA eNews No. 11 - The SSA Around the World

Secular Student eNews
In this issue:

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PHILOSOPEDIA is looking for volunteer techies to bring its more than 10,000 listings up-to-date and help edit new submissions from philosophy professors who want to be included. The online encyclopedia with a focus on humanism, freethought, and philosophy is found at philosopedia.org To get listed, or to volunteer as a techy, send your bio and jpeg (optional) to info@philosopedia.org

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Bored during the long, hot summer days? Your relief is here! In the next isssue, we feature the organizations and activities that thrive in the sun. Grab that sunscreen and join us!

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Elizabeth R.A. Liddell, Editor in Chief

Jessica Sharon, Hemant Mehta, Campus Organizer, August E. Brunsman IV, Editorial Assistants


The Secular Student Alliance has affiliate groups not just in America, but around the world. In fact we currently have affiliates in eight countries, with more on the horizon. These foreign affiliates are in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Canada, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, and the United Kingdom. This issue of the eNews is dedicated to our freethinking friends overseas (and above us. Thanks Canada!). We bring you articles from students organizing the non-religious in religiously oppressive nations such as Nigeria and Ecuador. We also included information about the Freethought and Humanist movement abroad.

This issue aims to illuminate the differences secularists experience by virtue of their geographical location, as well as elucidate the similarities we all share as freethinking, atheist, and humanist people irrespective of where we find ourselves in the world.

We hope you enjoy the issue, and as always, we appreciate your feedback. Please send us comments at enews@secularstudents.org. If you'd like to write an article for an upcoming issue, please email us as well.

We hope you enjoy the issue.

Ever wondered what it's like to obtain a laptop for humanist activism in Nigeria? Peter Adegoke, a renowned African humanist, describes the difficulties he encountered, applauds the efforts of the SSA in helping him, and outlines some of the technological progress that has been made in the African humanist movement.

Gea Meijers

Questions with Gea Meijers, President of IHEYO

Gea Meijers, president of the International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organization, takes some time to answer a few questions from the SSA. Her perspectives cover the globe, thanks to her experience working with various humanist and related groups from literally everywhere in the world.



I Was Married to a Catholic Woman (and Other Tales from an Ecuadorian-American Atheist)

Growing up in a strongly religious climate can have an impact in every area of an atheist's life. Dalton Alache Vasquez describes religion in his native Ecuador, as well as the difficulties his upbringing in such a climate instilled in his marital life.

From Nigeria's Ibadan University Humanist Society

We've all seen - or even written - the "About our Society" blurb for our campus organizations. Now see it from a completely different cultural viewpoint, through the Ibadan University Humanist Society.

Matt Cherry

Rejuvenating the Humanist Movement

Matt Cherry, a British humanist involved in several international humanist organizations, talks about youth in the humanist movement. What are they doing now, and what opportunities do - and should they have?

Camp Quest: Summer Camp, But Without All the God

Camp Quest on the river
What are you doing this summer? Katie Hladky describes Camp Quest, a freethought-oriented summer camp now in its 11th summer.

Congratulations to the Birmingham Freethought Society

At the SSA's annual conference, the Birmingham Freethought Society is awarded Best Media Coverage for their outstanding appearance opposing intelligent design in public schools on a Birmingham, AL talk show.

Pomo and the Humanist Platform: Why Postmodernism is Essential to Freethinking
Campus Organizer discusses the Postmodern movement in terms of its relevance to the skeptical inquiry and critical evaluation we all value.

Sweet Reason, My Boyfriend is Hot and Bothered When God Gets Into Bed!

What do you say in the bedroom? A humorous column by Molleen Matsumura discussing how to handle the uncommonly affirming atheist and his protests in the bedroom.
Secular Coalition for America

Advocacy and Media/Communications Internship

The Secular Coalition for America (www.secular.org), the first lobbying group representing the interests of atheist, humanists, freethinkers, and other nontheist Americans, is seeking a media and communications intern for Fall 2006.
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For more information, visit secularstudents.org.

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