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Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy joins the Blogosphere


The new Harvard Humanist Chaplain, Greg M. Epstein, has set up a blog. Here's what he has to say about it...

This is a site where I will, from now on, be publicly posting answers to student questions, important news about Humanism at Harvard and around the world, and other thoughts related to my position as Humanist Chaplain at Harvard. This first entry, "Summer Recommendations," is a long one with a number of links-- writing it allowed me to learn how to use the blogging software. During the summer I will be adding entries periodically, and then in the fall there may be frequent (mostly very brief) updates that students actively involved with the Chaplaincy will find it important (and hopefully enjoyable/thought-provoking) to follow. For the time being, I will send email alerts letting students know when new blogs have been posted-- eventually that practice may stop (depending on your feedback).

Enjoy the site; please leave comments and refer your friends! --And of course, have a wonderful summer!

Check it out: http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/humanism/

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