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African Secular Student Activist Salutes SSA


Peter AdegokeThis article originally appeared as part of SSA eNews No. 11 - The SSA Around the World.

Peter Adegoke is a foremost African humanist and transhumanist-secularist activist, and is the current co-chair of the Transhumanist Students Network.

I received a laptop Thursday, May 11, 2006 in Lagos, Nigeria. This arrived after much stress from officials who, despite their religious pose, see nothing wrong with demanding a bribe. The laptop was made available as a result of a joint effort of friends outside Africa who believed in my work and who thought it wise to help me get this machine which I have yet to christen. I will be forever grateful to Ben Hyink who started this all. Ben and I have never met, but he believed strongly in me and my activist work even when most of his people have seen an African (especially a Nigerian) as a plague to run from. He supported me all the way through the period of my waiting for the Gateway AMD Turion 64 laptop.

However, I thought the effort of Ben too great for a human until I met August, who helped me with my laptop effort. After Ben's $500 donation, the Secular Student Alliance (SSA) Executive Director August Brunsman IV posted a fundraiser on the SSA website. He also helped me with the purchase of the machine after Tomas Arribas donated $200 towards the purchase of the machine. I surely appreciate the effort of everybody involved in the purchase of my laptop.

Something caught my interest during the period I was waiting for the machine, which is the fact that both August and Ben are members of the Secular Student Alliance. Thumbs Up to you people at the SSA. As a leader of the humanist movement in Africa and as someone recently named (by critics, anyway) as the most active young freethought and transhumanist activist in Africa, I am proud to say that the SSA is the only student freethought and non-religious organization that I know of whose concern for the intellectual liberation of Africa is unrivaled. I would like to add that the Transhumanist Student Network (TSN) is coming up fast under the able leadership of Ben Hyink, Tomas Arribas and me.

The web space for the National Association of Philosophy Students-Nigeria was made possible by the SSA and tells of the progress of the Association in Nigeria and Africa. In their bid to promote international humanist ideals among students outside the United States, more than 10 chapters of NAPS in Nigeria now have sub-domains and unlimited email access. I am proud to state that the NAPS website http://napsnigeria.org is the best student organization website in Africa, in my opinion. Thanks to SSA and friends of Africa for their support by sending the few student humanist organizations in Africa books, VHS cassettes, DVDs and lots more for the secular edification of young people of Africa. Through the indefatigable effort of the Campus Organizer of SSA, many materials have been sent to Africa for distribution to inquiring minds here seeking TRUTH.

Like Oliver Twist, we are asking not necessarily for more material, we are asking for more love, more attention, more help and more dedication, much like the missionaries of old who staked all they had to promote Christianity in the jungles of Africa. I promise to use the laptop to campaign for secularism, transhumanism, and humanism in Africa.

This article originally appeared as part of SSA eNews No. 11 - The SSA Around the World.

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