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Secular Student Alliance website has been under attack


UPDATE (9:58 p.m. 7/13/2012): We believe that our site has been fully restored.  Secure donations are even working.

UPDATE (10:14 p.m. 7/12/2012): We have been attacked again.  For now it is not possible to make donations via our site, but you can use the ChipIn widget in the sidebar!  We hope to have the donation pages restored soon.

UPDATE (9:17 a.m. 7/11/2012):  We are again able to take secure donations via our donation pages.  The donation pages are still loading some of their content from the normal (not secure) side of our site, but all financial information is secure.  We should have this resolved soon.  Users should also be able to log into the site. 

On July 9th a Denial of Service attack began on our website.  We are still attempting to restore full functionality. 

For now it is not possible for users to log into our site nor is it possible for you to make donations via our normal donations pages.  Donations may still be sent directly to paypal@secularstudents.org or mailed to

Secular Student Alliance
P.O. Box 2371
Columbus, OH 43216

Donations are still tax deductible, count towards the Hawkins/Strauss match, and still support the amazing juggernaut of secular awesome that is the secular student movement.

Thank you!

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