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Dawkins Magic of Reality Tour to include SSA campuses!


The Secular Student Alliance is excited to tell you about the upcoming tour for Richard Dawkins’ new book, The Magic of Reality. The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science has asked students to be a part of the tour, and we are proud to announce which universities Richard Dawkins will be speaking at. For the full tour schedule, click here.

The University of Miami is the first stop, and the UM SHAARKS (Secular Humanists, Atheists and Agnostics for Reason, Knowledge and Science)  are excited to be hosting this stop! Before the event, there will be a meet and greet for students with Dave Silverman of American Atheists.

On October 4th, Richard will be speaking at the University of Virginia at noon. The Virginia Atheists and Agnostics are excited to be hosting Richard, as well as selling merchandise during the event.

Randolph College is where Richard will be after that, and the event sold out very quickly. However, if anyone at Randolph is interested in starting an SSA and would like to talk to someone about it, email Sarah and she can sit down and talk to you about starting a group!

After that, Richard is headed to Eastern Kentucky University to be hosted by the EKU Secular Student Alliance, who has done a great job of promoting the event.

Then off to the Texas Freethought Convention! Students are eligible for a great discount, thanks to the SSA! The day after the conference ends, Richard will be speaking at Rice University as part of the HERE series. There is currently no group at Rice, but again, any interested students can email Sarah if you’d like to talk to an SSA employee about starting a group!

After a short break, Dawkins will be at Oakland University at 1:00 PM on October 13th. Email AtheistsatOU@gmail.com in order to reserve tickets. Have any younger siblings or family members? Luckily Camp Quest is hosting a children/family-only event at The Birmingham Temple at 10 AM on Saturday, October 15th.  Students from the Wayne State SSA are volunteering at that event to run hands-on science experiments for children!

This should be an exciting tour, so hopefully you’ll be able to attend a lecture!

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