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Secular Student Alliance Conference A Success!


The 2010 Annual Conference for the Secular Student Alliance was a huge success! Not only were there an incredible 95 attendees from across the country, but we were blown away by how productive, enthusiastic, and inspiring the secular students are.

The conference had a particularly strong impact on students new to the movement. Coltara Cady wrote about her experience at the conference:

My mind is bursting at the seams! So is my metaphorical heart. Attending the Secular Student Alliance Conference this year was an absolutely mind blowing experience.

I've never really attended any sort of serious secular gathering before and as far as getting together with fellow skeptics goes, my only other ventures have been a meeting of the Fayetteville Freethinkers on the same day as the NWA Pride Parade. That was another fantastic heartfelt experience that did a lot for my confidence and determination, but was not nearly on the same level. It can't compare in what it did for my growth as a person in such a short amount of time. I am filled with more appreciation, passion, love, excitement, determination, and pride than I think I have ever felt before. I feel like I could take on the world. ...read more

Trevor Boeckmann of UNIFI - winners of Affiliate of the Year - wrote a post describing his experience, concluding by saying "If you ever have an opportunity to make it to an SSA Conference, don't miss your chance."

Board member Hemant Mehta posted a writeup of his experience and highlights of the weekend on his blog, Friendly Atheist.

For more pictures, visit our Facebook page.

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